Thursday, January 2, 2020

REVIEW: 'Spinning Out' - Kat and Serena Are Devastated By Their Mother's Latest Manic Episode in 'Two for $40'

Netflix's Spinning Out - Episode 1.05 "Two for $40"

Marcus is torn between his old crush and a new flirtation. Carol's new low leads her to an unlikely ally. Justin's latest mistake cuts deep.

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"Two for $40" was written by Leon Chills and directed by Matt Hastings

Carol hurts both of her daughters when she has a manic episode. This seems like the inevitable conclusion based on her rash decision to stop taking her medication. Kat has been through this routine before. She knows what to expect and what needs to be done to help her. She wants that kind of help when the same happens to her. However, there is nothing Kat can do that can get Carol to see the error of her ways. Instead, that responsibility solely belongs to Serena. She is the one whose breakdown ultimately convinces Carol that she needs help. She has to check into the hospital to better be there for her daughters. She wants them in her life. She fears that she will push them both away like she has done to so many people across the years. Kat and Serena have experienced that. Their lives have constantly been ruined by the wild mood swings of their mother. In fact, everything seems to be ending in disaster for Kat. She wants to assure Marcus that their burgeoning romance is still viable. And yet, she continues to be absent from the attempts at intimacy. He wants to take her out on a date. He knows that he connects with her better than anyone else in this town in Idaho. However, he is given a viable alternative option here as well. He shouldn't have to wait until Kat has her life figured out. Carol is constantly warning her that Kat will never amount to much. She will end up just like her. Kat wants to prove her mother wrong. But that means she's on a personal journey of being self-sufficient that frequently lets people down after she builds up their expectations. Marcus has been disappointed too many times for him to still be there waiting for her. She has the desire to be with him. She feels those emotions and wants to pursue them. Life just keeps getting in the way. First, it's Serena calling about the latest act of abandonment from their mother. Serena calls Kat because she seemingly has no other lifeline in the world. That's ultimately not true. It just puts Kat in a compromised position where she continues to let people down while also being placed in dire situations that turn the animosity inward. Her car breaks down and she doesn't have a strong enough charge on her phone to tell Marcus. Sure, she absolutely should have called him after she got the emergency call from Serena. That would have ensured that more latitude was given to the situation. Instead, it comes across as the latest example of her pattern for leaving with no explanation whatsoever. She may always come back. Carol is certain of that. Kat will remain a part of her family's lives. And yet, Carol risks that with every dangerous thing she does. She empties out her daughter's checking account simply because she believes she has an ownership claim to it. Instead, that just showcases the financial abuse that can frequently happen when a person tries to leave a difficult relationship. Kat wants to get her mother out of her life completely. She knows not to take things personally when her mother is having her big manic episode. But the words still sting. It continues to make her feel like she won't amount to much. That's why she feels the burden of proving that she can be responsible for everything happening in her life. She has to pay for her half of everything needed to make her partnership with Justin a success. Mandy may give her a discount but Kat still feels that pressure. She may ultimately feel good about the money she makes as well. It just proves how she is frequently the center of the universe whom everyone has to rally around in the hopes that it all works out in the end. That can be a very toxic trajectory as well. It may doom her to the same fate as her mother. Carol will be getting the help she needs while Mitch affirms that he won't be leaving. Serena won't be abandoned like she has been so many times. But all of this may also prove that the sisters can only rely on each other. Even then, it's a tenuous relationship that could go awry at any moment because of the differences in their maturity levels and the various issues they have to overcome. They are hardly the only ones in this world. Marcus faces racism in this snow white community while Justin is incredibly reckless even while drunk. These hit on a deep, personal level that could destroy them. They too have to find a way to move ahead and embrace their own ambitions. Kat just runs the risk of making too much of this about herself when she's a part of a team and community trying to achieve the same dream.