Thursday, January 2, 2020

REVIEW: 'Spinning Out' - A Falling Out Between Kat and Jenn Could Have Devastating Consequences in 'Have a Nice Day!'

Netflix's Spinning Out - Episode 1.06 "Have a Nice Day!"

Carol's recovery has a shaky start. Kat grows closer to Justin, while a fight with Jenn has bitter consequences.

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"Have a Nice Day!" was written by Jenny Lynn and directed by Norma Bailey

This season has already told one story about a person with bipolar disorder choosing to go off their medication. As such, the audience probably has less tolerance for the show telling the same story again. It's clear that things are a little different with Kat. It wants to showcase that there are many ways in which people can choose to go against their doctor's orders. That has already been a prominent part of the series because many of these characters are so eager to compete and win. Jenn is literally enduring so much pain just to prove that she is as talented as anyone else in this showcase. She once thought this performance could be her big swan song. This would certainly allow her to go out on top with a sense of personal victory. But now, she may continue solely out of spite. That comes from Kat being such a poor friend who always takes Jenn for granted. Now, it hasn't exactly been made clear that Jenn had a known crush on Justin and that Kat had to stay away in order to service that. In fact, the narrative had always been framed around the sexual tension between Kat and Justin as well as the fact that they already had sex. Meanwhile, Justin and Jenn were interrupted by Kat before anything more physical could happen between them. Of course, Justin and Kat are the only two people aware of Jenn's injuries and the extent of the risk she is tackling by performing. But it's ultimately a story about personal devastation and betrayal. Kat has spent so much of her life comparing herself to her mother. She does things out of spite all the time. She has always had Jenn's loyal support. But now, Jenn wants to prove that she is more than just the perennial runner-up to her friend. They are both capable of giving standout performances during this showcase. Of course, Dasha operates with the awareness that Justin and Kat shouldn't push their luck too quickly. They shouldn't be on the competitive circuit quite yet. She still has a lot of work to do to build up Kat's confidence. That may all be in jeopardy though because Kat decides to reduce her medication. She isn't stopping. She is simply breaking a pill in half in order to feel more confident. Again, that can quickly spiral out of control for her. This mental health condition is a fickle beast where the medication has to be carefully modulated. Carol feels more in control of her life than ever before because of the treatment she has just received. Of course, Kat is the one critical of the family finances and just how her mother plans on maintaining everything she has committed to. It may push Carol into selling the family home. Instead, Mandy reaches out with a generous offer. That too is a valuable lifeline. Carol deserves it just as much as Kat did. But now, Kat is the one potentially tempting fate by messing with her prescription. She has the confidence to immediately perform the move that almost ended her life during this showcase. That highlights how she really is growing and believes that she can once again achieve all the greatness she once thought she could. Everyone is talking about their Olympic dreams becoming a reality. But Kat was making reckless decisions long before she took this action. Again, that's what fuels this fight with Jenn. Nothing bad happens to Jenn at the moment. But everyone should rightfully be worried about her. Instead, the true medical emergency comes when Justin and Kat discover Dasha unconscious at the bottom of her staircase. She has brought stability to them as a team even if they haven't always taken her advice. Without that focus as their coach, they could easily fall apart which could only devastate their standing in the world further. Again, the narrative always wants the audience to feel uneasy about these characters and the decisions they're making. That can grow quite annoying and feel like the narrative wants to be inflicting this pain no matter what. But the moments of release and catharsis have to work too. So far, they have even though the audience could remain concerned for what happens next. The dangers don't just lurk on the ice. They may permeate throughout the entire world where the sheer act of living daily life can turn tragic in an instant.