Tuesday, February 11, 2020

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - David and Patrick Are Tempted by an Exciting Offer While Alexis Spins a Viral Video in 'The Wingman'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 6.06 "The Wingman"

The video from the Crows premiere goes viral, thrusting Moira back in the public eye and flooding Alexis with press. Meanwhile, Johnny helps Bob get back out in the dating world by taking him for a night out on the town. David and Patrick contemplate an offer from David's old flame, Jake.

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"The Wingman" was written by David West Read and directed by Donna Croce

Things are always just a little too complicated with Jake. The show has done a lot of fun things with that character. David and Patrick probably wouldn't knowingly invite him into their lives. And yet, he is there in their living room early on in this episode. Patrick has a vague understanding of what previously happened between David, Stevie and Jake. However, he doesn't recognize Jake right away despite previously meeting him and taunting David about it. That makes this specific story a lot of fun. It's clear that both David and Patrick are intrigued by the proposition to have a threesome with him. David can even rationalize it by saying that it may be the perfect opportunity if that's something they wanted to do as a couple. There would be no risk of additional feelings developing because David has absolute clarity that Jake doesn't care about anything. He may be nothing more than a sexual being with everything being framed in that context. That makes it easy to assume that that is where all of this is heading. David and Patrick don't want to openly share their feelings on the subject though. They are tentative because they are doing their best to respect the other and not seem too excited. They are though. That's what makes it great when it blows up in their faces when they walk into his apartment and see a party that also happens to include Stevie. She has no qualms about being in Jake's life and enjoying some sex from time to time with him. This is too many people for David and Patrick. They are both uncomfortable and that makes it easy to leave. It's a fun dynamic because it shows just how open the world can be while still respecting the individual choices and feelings the main characters are feeling in a given moment. Plus, it balances nicely with Alexis' story of her career suddenly taking off. She has been able to spin the disaster at the Crows premiere in a positive light. It has become a viral sensation. As such, she can proclaim that it was a stunt meant to draw attention to the film on Interflix. It all went according to plan. It didn't. Those crows were really attacking the people. No serious injuries occurred. There was just one ear that was damaged. That's still horrifying to hear. But Moira says so in such a nonchalant manner. It is a big deal but it can't derail what she and Alexis are hoping to achieve in this moment. They recognize the significance of all of this. Interflix is grateful for the buzz this stunt has created for its service. In fact, Alexis is swimming in offers from people who want to woo her to publicize their own events. That's very exciting. It just runs the risk of taking her even further away from Ted. They haven't been in the same space at all this season. They have only had their video calls which haven't been too frequent. And now, he has the clarity that she would hate being where he is at now. It's exciting for him. He is more than willing to accommodate her needs too. He just doesn't want her to suffer. He wants her to have the life she completely deserves. The love is still present between them. Life is just taking them in two separate directions which is devastating because they don't quite know how to manage it at the moment. Life is complicated that way. Johnny and Roland haven't been single for a long time. And yet, they view themselves as the best possible wingmen Bob could have right now after Gwen left him. Bob too has long been viewed as part of a pair. Roland is accustomed to Bob and Gwen being a couple. That is no longer true though. Bob's friends may have ulterior motives when it comes to getting him back out there. Ronnie no longer wants him depressed around her house. Johnny doesn't want him to alienate guests at the hotel. In the end, things may be looking up for Bob. It's entirely because of Ronnie though. She better understands what he needs. She has always operated with so much confidence in this world. She has earned that respect. People should listen to her and whatever she thinks should be done. Johnny and Roland don't even though they have absolutely no clue what they are doing. That's the dysfunction of this world and it still allows them to tease each other as well. That remains very delightful to watch.