Tuesday, March 3, 2020

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - Johnny Grows Concerned About Alexis' Latest Romantic Decisions in 'Rebound'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 6.09 "Rebound"

Johnny becomes overly involved in Alexis' romantic life, making an already difficult time worse. After discovering her car covered in eggs, Moira learns she offended the townspeople by disparaging Schitt's Creek in an interview with People magazine. Jocelyn helps out David and Patrick at the store, and much to David's annoyance, she's a top-notch salesperson.

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"Rebound" was written by Michael Short and directed by Jordan Canning

David, Johnny and Moira are all concerned about how quickly Alexis has seemed to move on from her relationship with Ted. And yet, it's something they all talk about behind her back. They worry about her dating a much older man. However, this isn't the most reckless she has been in her dating life. Over the course of the series, she has detailed numerous outrageous situations that seem dangerous and horrifying in retrospect. She doesn't always have the best consideration for what is happening and the potential damage it could be bring. She has grown a lot over the course of the show. As such, she deserves to be made part of the conversation. When she eventually is, she comes to understand that her father was simply trying to look out for her because he felt he failed her so many times in the past. He hasn't always been there for her. In this town, the family may have grown too close. Johnny is still working to get them out. That remains the core objective for Moira. The last thing she wants to do is appear in the tourism video for the city of Schitt's Creek. And yet, that's required of her in order to smooth over the damage her words have done to the townspeople. Life is a careful and deliberate balance in that way. Words can have a significant impact on others. The people of Schitt's Creek have so much pride in their town. Moira doesn't see it as anything special. It just happens to be the only place where her family could pick things up and rediscover their lives anew. She believes her opportunities now greatly exceed what this town can provide for her. Of course, she has developed friendships here as well. This is still her life for the foreseeable future. She does ultimately appear in the video. And that highlights how these people can still feel like strangers to one another despite the closeness they have felt over the last few years. Alexis' professional career has blossomed. And yet, her personal life has imploded once more. She always felt in control of the situation. And yes, the show has given her that power. She was never blindsided or wronged in her relationship with Ted. It just felt like an ending that they had to accept at this moment in time. It was devastating. She wants to cope with it by throwing herself into something new that means absolutely nothing to her. The rest of her family doesn't understand that. That means Johnny's meddling is the precise thing that makes her question her worth. She never was demeaned by dating an older man and quickly becoming involved in his life. She had the power and control to walk away whenever she felt better. Johnny just wanted to prove that he knew her emotions better than anyone else. That backfires on him. He has to remain present for Alexis though. Right now, she needs the support from her family. Johnny's answer does allow the situation to feel nuanced. It's not an action taken out of spite or ignorance. It's one from love and caring. That's how the family has come to operate even though they get it wrong most of the time. David doesn't want Jocelyn working at his store at all. That entire story may just prove that Rose Apothecary can be a lot more successful than it currently is. The audience has never been asked to question the financial stability of David's business. It has actually been a running joke that there are rarely any customers in there. But it was still the development that highlighted David's growing maturity in this world. And now, he may feel defeated when Jocelyn rejects him and Patrick after proving to be a solid salesperson. After one day, she understands this job isn't for her. She may feel the financial pressure right now but she still understands and values her worth. That is an important thing to have no matter what. It just may make David and Patrick also question the business decisions they have made. They gave Jocelyn this opportunity. It went differently than they expected. They may adjust some things. Or they could embrace what has long worked for them knowing that it will remain successful for them at least in the short run. That may not be good enough given the show is coming to an end. But it also plays as comedic hijinks that allows these characters to have fun together while highlighting just how specific these relationships have become over the years.