Tuesday, April 7, 2020

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - The Entire Town Comes Together to Celebrate David and Patrick's Wedding in 'Happy Ending'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 6.14 "Happy Ending"

David stresses out over the rain on his wedding day, as the family scrambles to make it right.

In 2019, the television industry aired 532 scripted shows across numerous outlets. The way people consume content now is different than it used to be. It happens according to one's own schedule. As such, it's less necessary to provide ample coverage of each episode in any given season from a show. Moreover, it is simply impossible to watch everything. As such, this site provides shorter episodic reviews in order to cover as many shows as possible. With all of that being said, here are my thoughts on the series finale of Pop's Schitt's Creek.

"Happy Ending" was written by Daniel Levy and directed by Andrew Cividino & Daniel Levy

This final season has seen the Rose family reckon with their true feelings about living in Schitt's Creek. At the start of the series, they landed here after losing all their money because it was the only place for them to go. And now, the family has money and opportunities again. The first impulse is still to get as far away from this town as possible. However, the years spent here have been revolutionary for all of them. That is so perfectly summed up in Moira's speech as the officiant for David and Patrick's wedding. She wasn't expecting to fulfill that role. She takes it on because Johnny can't keep it together to form a single sentence when it comes to expressing all the love and happiness he feels for this celebration. She is emotionally flustered as well. She plays it off as being the one who can manage to keep things under control though. That is delightful to watch. But she also reflects on how David and Patrick are perfect for each other. This union could only have happened because of the miraculous inner workings of the universe placing both of them in this town. They aren't leaving either. They are building their lives in Schitt's Creek. That may be disappointing to some in the family. However, it's still fundamentally a celebration. There is no reason to feel disdain or horror about what this town is. It's no longer some place the family has to claw their ways out of. Instead, it has been the birthplace of the next chapters of their lives. They each built futures that are exciting and fulfilling because of the opportunities given to them in Schitt's Creek. A lot of the time it has been ridiculous to watch. Everyone in the family knows that David will be spinning out of control on the day of the wedding. The family hovers over him dreading having to give him the disappointing news that rain has ruined his outdoor plans for the ceremony. Everyone is forced to improvise a little bit. David has such high standards for this event. Everyone can speak on his behalf and through his voice as well. They know exactly what he would like. At the end of the day though, he only needs Patrick and his family. Having their love and support no matter what is all the strength and resolve he needs to make any ceremony beautiful and special. Of course, it's also a lot of fun to see the show invert the expected plot beat by having David become the relaxed one in the couple while Patrick is concerned about what receiving a happy ending means for this day. David enjoys every aspect of that massage. He views it as his husband understanding exactly what he needs. It's a showcase of Patrick's love. Meanwhile, Patrick freaks out because this isn't what he intended to order even though he can see how the message could have been confusing. It's awkward while also ensuring that things are kept light and breezy between them. The same applies to David fearing that Alexis is wearing a white wedding dress and thus confusing the guests about what's actually going on. It's only a small handful of things that go awry at the last minute. Everything can still come together for a grand celebration at town hall. The decorations are beautiful and the entire ceremony is so unique to everything that has defined this relationship as well as what the family has endured while in town. They may be planning their futures elsewhere. However, they relish this opportunity to be a family. That is the greatest blessing that came out of all of this. It forced the family together. They were annoyed by that in the early going. David and Alexis didn't want to spend time with their parents. Johnny and Moira didn't want to actually engage with their children. And now, they are one happy family that is bittersweet about saying goodbye to Johnny and Moira. They do leave town. However, it's an experience that is full of happy memories. The family will always remain in each other's lives. They just say goodbye knowing that things will be different than how they've been for the last few years. They have grown so much. It means they can make all of these declarations of love to one another. It's so meaningful to watch them profess those words or hug or kiss. It's special because it's the last time for now. The audience has the same reaction. One full of love and appreciation for all that this show embodied. One that champions each and every voice that makes up this special place. Schitt's Creek is more than a small town in the middle of nowhere. It's the place where all of these dreams became a reality and that special feeling can still radiate outward even though the stories are now at their conclusion.