Thursday, April 30, 2020

REVIEW: 'The Good Fight' - Adrian's Power Is Challenged While Diane Fights Back in 'The Gang Gets a Call From HR'

CBS All Access' The Good Fight - Episode 4.03 "The Gang Gets a Call From HR"

When the DNC asks Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart for help with a plan to engage African-American voters, the resulting discourse turns personal, leading to Adrian fending off an official employee complaint.

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"The Gang Gets a Call From HR" was written by Davita Scarlett and directed by Tess Malone

What is Memo 618? In the previous episode, it was established as a way for the powerful and well-connected to intimidate judges. They could get away with whatever they want knowing they had the leverage to ruin the lives of these influential individuals. And now, the scope expands much larger. Diane can't even ask questions about it. She is trying to get answers for her client whose life has been absolutely decimated. She is outraged knowing that the rule of law wasn't respected in this case. It had an immediate impact on Marta's life too. Diane is determined to get to the truth knowing that she has the full resources of STR Laurie to investigate whatever she wants. There is no trace of that previous case having ever happened though. It is completely erased from the system both at the courthouse and within the law firm. That is scary. Even web searches for Memo 618 quickly end up in a void. The question is asked and nothing can be found. In fact, a virus attacks whenever that question is actually presented. Diane is able to receive some clarity thanks to Jay. But that may only further incriminate her new overlords. The people upstairs may not want her to get any of these answers about Memo 618. She was given these pro bono cases by Gavin Firth. She was asked to put her passion and fury into them. She has done exactly that. She knows how to adjust her strategy in court. She also knows when to lash out knowing that a cover up is taking place. Memo 618 seems to follow her around everywhere she goes. Each new case is given the same message. Judge Hazleweood isn't about to rock the boat. She encouraged Julius to just go along with it. She makes the same decision. She can hold Diane in contempt of her court. That won't stop Diane from looking. It's just clear that there are these ominous forces at work that remain in the shadows. They have the influence to uproot so many lives. They have the power to make things seem as if they never happened. Diane could be living in another fantasy. This is all real though. She has to fight to ensure people are held accountable no matter what. That gives her direction and passion. But it's not exactly something she can use to look inward. The partners at the firm have to be held accountable for their actions as well. The new corporate structure may ensure that there is someone above them who can ensure that those concerns are addressed. Diane, Adrian and Liz are still keeping secrets from Gavin. They don't want him to know that they are conducting new business for the DNC. They are engaged by the prospect of helping the Democratic Party engage and excite black voters. It's such a wide-ranging sense of opinions as well. The people in this firm don't all have the same views. The people in the mailroom are invited into this discussion. They have a different perspective than the lawyers who earn a ton of money each year. Meanwhile, Adrian and Liz are the ones atop the power structure. They try their best to control the discussion. They frame it with the necessary perspective they believe is necessary. They have opinions as well. They have every right to express those opinions. However, they are also the people in charge. It's their responsibility to ensure that everyone is heard and respected. Adrian absolutely makes his point by using the N-word in his argument. He may just be using a quote but it is powerfully effective. People have different responses to that word. Adrian understands that he has the power to use it whenever he wants. It was used to discriminate against him and abuse people who looked like him for generations. The power dynamic has shifted. But it also explodes into an HR investigation where Adrian is perceived as going against the mandates of the new corporate structure. He doesn't think there is any validity to that claim. He can say the word. He has the power to do so. It conjures up visceral reactions. As such, he has to be careful with it. He treats things a little too cavalierly. That shows that he is imperfect. The people in charge of the firm don't always manage it well. They make mistakes. Efforts are made to hold them accountable. And yet, the name partners can just skip through the HR presentation. That's all they need to do in order to offer a sense that something has been done to mediate the situation. Meanwhile, the associates have to actually attend a meeting. There are strong opinions on every side of this debate. It is messy and complicated. But the show handles it all delicately while ensuring that every voice remains powerful in the discussion without taking that power away from someone else in the process.