Sunday, July 5, 2020

REVIEW: 'Hanna' - Hanna and Clara Try to Protect Kat While Carmichael Exerts His Control Once More in 'The List'

Amazon's Hanna - Episode 2.08 "The List"

Following Gelder's murder, Carmichael arrives in Barcelona while Hanna, Clara and Kat hide in a hillside villa.

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"The List" was written by David Farr and directed by David Farr

This season ends on the message that the generation that currently controls the world is afraid of the innovations coming from those set to replace them. Utrax was formed to weaponize the abilities of the young. These trainees were carefully monitored for their entire lives. They have heightened skills that make them formidable in any situation. They are the agents trained to tackle the greatest threats to the stability of the world. And yet, they are being used against people who want to break down the systems that have allowed those in power to wield it so effectively for generations. That is ultimately their greatest fear. That being explained in the season finale is odd because it withholds that potency in the story until the very end. Sure, it may hit with a punch in this particular moment. But it's a fascinating idea the show doesn't have enough remaining time to do anything with. That makes it a thought that should terrorize everyone involved. But it never amounts to more than that. The potential exposure of the program comes from something John did previously. He tried to recruit Robert to the program by showing just how influential and significant it already was. By being presented with the basic facts upfront of who will die as a result of this, Robert had the clarity immediately that this wasn't right. Sure, it still leads to his death. Two journalists who want to expose the truth die as well. There are no real consequences for that either. John is injured and will have to relinquish his control of the Meadows to Marissa. However, that just showcases how the series never really found a way to depict this conspiracy without being all about the double crosses. It was inferred that Marissa was working with an outside group also looking to expose the crimes of this program. She was doing so because she no longer believed in its purpose. And yet, that was all just an elaborate lie so that she could help John find Hanna no matter where she went. It's more than a double cross. But again, the audience had to invest in the various sides of the conflict and understood why someone would be aligned the way that they are. There is no love lost between Sandy and Clara. Sandy doesn't care what ultimately happens to her partner in this mission. Because of her, it was almost a failure. Sandy is perfectly capable of going back to her cover identity with no one suspecting her of this crime. Meanwhile, Hanna and Clara are on the run with Kat trying to save her life while retrieving the information that could expose Utrax. Hanna doesn't really know what to do with that information. It's simply leverage that can prolong their lives for a little while longer. Marissa is still the one making all of the big picture decisions. Hanna is simply good for the action of the story. She doesn't have any personal connections left in this world. She works with Marissa mostly because she keeps showing up and providing backup when things get intense. With Clara, Hanna understands that she can't stop her from leaving to be with her mother. Clara is asking her mother to escape to a complete new life. And yet, it's worth it for them to be together. That is a happy ending that she deserves. The show explains how Utrax has the resources to know this interaction happened and where to track them down. Terri just decides not to share that information. Does that make sense? Not really. She has always gone along with the goals of this program. Any privacy concerns flew out the window the moment she agreed to work here. She convinced Clara that her mother was dead. It was Hanna who exposed the truth. She understands why this has to happen. Meanwhile, Hanna has a mission to continue mostly because that's the only life she has known. That clashes with her previous impulse of being tired with a life on the run. She still trusts Marissa though. Clara escapes but with the tease that she'll probably see Hanna again. The show goes out of its way to offer suggestions of what is actually going on and how the characters will navigate the world. But it reads as twists happening just to include shocking developments until the bitter end. No one dies tragically. Hanna doesn't have to endure that pain again. But she really doesn't have any more clarity than she did previously either. She is still nothing more than a trained agent who survives even in the worst of circumstances because she always has allies who arrive in the nick of time to help. That's the pattern. It went unchallenged in this finale and the season overall. That could be comforting but it also proves that there is nothing new in this narrative either.