Sunday, July 5, 2020

REVIEW: 'The Baby-Sitters Club' - New Passions Excite the Club as They Push for Change in 'Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 2'

Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club - Episode 1.10 "Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 2"

As Stacey deals with a new normal, Kristy leads a crucial search, Dawn and Claudia start a revolution, and Mary Anne finds her place in the spotlight.

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"Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 2" was written by Lucia Aniello & Ariel Karlin and directed by Luke Matheny

These young girls are figuring out their lives. They are exploring what they are passionate about. They are given the freedom to express themselves however they want. They have valid opinions and emotions that have to be heard and respected no matter what. Camp Moosehead can't suddenly make everything free. Dawn still feels the urge to create a robust protest. One that calls out for equality. Every camper deserves to have equal access to fun. The rich shouldn't be able to enjoy an experience that is fundamentally better because they can afford it. The solution may be nothing more than trusting more kids to be camp leaders. That is how all of this concludes. But it's also a powerful story because it highlights the many ways in which kids are special and empowering. Mary Anne has always compared herself to Kristy. In her mind, her best friend is the bossy one who can command attention and get things done. That isn't always a good thing though. It means she was pouting during her first week at the camp. Things weren't going as expected for her. As such, she couldn't find a way to enjoy herself here. It wasn't until she was forced to get her priorities in check that she managed to be a beacon of light and support for those who needed it. Sure, that absolutely makes her the protagonist of this story who comes in and resolves everything in a neat way. She doesn't always deserve that designation. It's more fascinating to spend time with the other characters. And yet, her journey is unique. This is how she views the world. She has certain standards and knows to demand more than what is typically given to her. She just has to know when to wield that privilege and when to let things truly bother her. Some of the things that disrupt this camp experience are personal grudges that have merit only because the people involved allow them to. Stacey and Lane no longer feel like friends. They no longer understand each other. They don't know what happened to make the other act the way they did. Only in opening up to each other do they have the necessary understanding and empathy to realize their actions lately have been silly. They are allowed to heal from poison ivy as friends instead of spending more time being passive aggressive with each other. Not every resolution can be as simple as that though. Dawn's fight for justice is important to her. She is realizing just how important activism is. It's what fills her soul. Her voice can be heard when she is speaking on behalf of those suffering from an unjust system. She hopes to make a statement with a barricade. It doesn't work because her primary target isn't around to experience the drama of it all. This camp isn't necessarily run well. Karen wanders off and none of the staff notice. Kristy is the one who has to step up to find her sister. She has to make her feel welcomed in this place. She may be weird. But that's what makes her such a delightful and funny character in this show. She should embrace that. Others should as well. This message of love and friendship has to be spread far and wide. Right now, the victory comes as the members of the Baby-Sitters Club are granted leadership positions in this camp. They have already stepped up into those roles. Now, it is simply official. The program director is actually proud that these young girls have distinct points of view. They are making that impact known. They also happen to annoy her. It's not a perfect system. It's one that still allows plenty of growth. The girls can still celebrate when Mary Anne has her first kiss with Logan. That is a personal victory for her. But it's also just as significant to see the Baby-Sitters Club grow. It's a business that may only have value in Stoneybrook. However, they are setting an example for how people should care for others. That is a mentality that is desperately needed in the world at the moment. These stories were full of so much joy. It celebrates the value that comes from people no matter what their ages might be. The world is changing but the power of friendships allow any obstacle to be overcome. The solutions may not always be perfect. Sometimes that has to be acceptable. The world is a complicated place. Being honest with one's feelings is the first step to admitting that something more is going on. Only then can that expression allow others to come in from a place of profound gratitude and love. It's unique and uplifting while still being funny and compelling to watch. This season was a complete success.