Tuesday, February 9, 2021

REVIEW: 'The Resident' - An Assault Places Nic's Life in Jeopardy as Chastain Prepares to Shutdown for Good in 'Home Before Dark'

FOX's The Resident - Episode 4.05 "Home Before Dark"

With Chastain on the verge of shutting down due to the sale by Red Rock, Conrad tries a last-ditch effort to save the hospital and the doctors plan for their next career moves. Meanwhile, on their last day, the whole staff must work together to save Nic's life after she is injured by a deranged patient.

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"Home Before Dark" was written by Amy Holden Jones & Andrew Chapman and directed by Leslie Libman

Nic's health was in danger before she was stabbed by a man in the throes of withdrawal. The show provided the audience with a glimpse of her latest test results connected to her pregnancy. They indicated high thyroid levels. It read critical. As such, the viewer was ahead of the characters regarding what could potentially be wrong with her after this tragedy occurs. Of course, the story is also an inverse of what typically defines how these characters act in a normal setting. Nic is usually the one caring for the people around her. And now, Conrad, Marshall and Kyle have to step up and be there for her. That's a significant change of pace. One that helps put all of this into better context. However, it also follows all the pitfalls of a female character on television having a troubled pregnancy. That has become such a trope. It's especially glaring in medical procedurals. Pregnancies never go perfectly in this particular genre. That may have made all of this inevitable. It also would have compounded tragedy if Nic also lost this baby. She has already had a miscarriage. She was very cautious with this new pregnancy because she didn't want to get everyone's hopes up before something happened. She eventually felt comfortable and confident sharing the news. She still hadn't told her father though. There is nothing to read into that though. Conrad had only told his father that morning. They were simply getting around to all the meaningful people in their lives while largely prioritizing the fight to keep the hospital alive. That is where their focus has largely been. Time is running out to save the hospital. The lot has been sold. It's going to be converted into condos. The staff are transferring the patients elsewhere in the city. The supplies are being packed up. Everyone is searching for new employment. This feels like the end. Again, it's basically a false premise. No one had any reason to give up hope about some last minute solution being found. The characters felt that impulse as well. They weren't denying the reality they were living in. They never prevented the patients being transferred. They simply refused to give up hope that this would mark the end of this chapter in their professional lives. Nic getting attacked puts everything into context about how much they are losing through this action. The eventual reveal that the hospital can go public seems like it just dawns on Kitt in the moment. It's a successful endeavor because Conrad and the staff previously treated the congresswoman running for governor. They have these connections that allow the hospital to stay open. They have complete trust in each other as well. They will protect each other no matter what. Even Cain wants to do his part in helping the people at the hospital. He is limited in what he can do though. In fact, it's ironic and tragic that he is moved to the longterm care facility where he frequently sent his patients in order to protect his perfect record in the operating room. He is the one who doesn't get a happy ending upon the conclusion of this episode. Instead, his issues persist. He is not healing in a way that signals brighter times ahead. Nic has that clarity. Henry does as well. Austin is even able to operate on Henry's tumor because of a great idea Cain has. That establishes how this bond between the two doctors may actually be worth investing in. It's still a forced development. And yet, this brush with death seems likely to provide Cain with a unique perspective. That is a radical evolution for him. Meanwhile, it's comforting for Nic to know that her loved ones are fighting hard for her to survive. They are there for her during every development of this tragedy. And in the end, the baby survives. Nic and Conrad are still going to be parents. The recovery may still be difficult. Conrad still finds the solution. He can apply his professional skills to help protect his life as well. Nic is a part of his world too. Chastain's survival is just as crucial. They never gave up fighting. They found new allies along the way. The world is constantly changing and evolving. The doctors may be in charge of the hospital now. The viewer can still expect a bumpy road ahead. And yet, we can also find comfort in knowing that love still maintains the strong bonds amongst the characters. They are forced to confront these ugly realities within the health care system. But they work well together to overcome any obstacle because they have a singular objective and trust in making a difference in their community.