Sunday, March 21, 2021

REVIEW: 'Wynonna Earp' - Wynonna and Waverly Lose Their Memories While Celebrating Halloween in 'Hell Raisin' Good Time'

Syfy's Wynonna Earp - Episode 4.08 "Hell Raisin' Good Time"

Wynonna and Waverly have a Halloween they'll never forget. Rotten Jack terrorizes Purgatory.

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"Hell Raisin' Good Time" was written by Caitlin D. Fryers and directed by Paolo Barzman

It's a lot of fun to watch Wynonna and Waverly lose their minds and try their best to navigate their lives in Purgatory. This is the kind of sisterly bonding that Waverly wants. She doesn't want her upcoming wedding to disrupt the bond they have always had as sisters. Things are changing though. They are welcome developments. Nicole is great. She loves Waverly. She is a member of the family already. Having a sister is just as important to Waverly. She fears that bond is slipping away. Wynonna is being cryptic about what she has been doing. Part of that comes from the shame she feels for having sex with Amon. That is certainly an awkward conversation. It was almost a self-destructive development instead of anything with true meaning behind it. It highlights a pattern instead of offering some insight into how she continues to develop. Everything shifts the moment the sisters walk into the fog. They don't know what this is. They only now realize the border of the Ghost River Triangle has been manipulated in this way. No one understands it either. Jeremy has an antidote for small exposures. That's not enough for people who have gotten lost out there. Wynonna and Waverly are lucky. Moreover, the show perfectly balances the light-hearted and fun adventure they go on with the tragedy also caught up in this premise. They never have any genuine risk of being trapped in this life without their memories. It's easy for them to pick up on the clues that are important to them. They deduce that they are sisters. Sure, they get their names and professions wrong. Moreover, they are terrified by the casual nature of demons being in this town and acting on their devious impulses. Even Doc presents as a monster to them. It's shocking. It's not something they accept and can contribute towards. It's easy for the nefarious forces to take advantage of them. Amon knows he has a brief time where he can eliminate them. That's something the demon community would welcome. In fact, he enjoys betting on the chaos and destruction that always consumes this town. That is exciting to him. He is very self-involved in that way. He bets on other's lives. When his is in danger though, he runs away. He believes people will always be loyal to him. That isn't true at all. Once the tables are turned, Doc can easily convince the other demons that they are now free. They can do whatever they want with Amon. That offering of choice is freeing. But again, sinister forces are at play here that can quickly destroy this world. People are trying their best to find some way to survive. They hold onto these romantic connections. They find meaning in one another. Jeremy wants to help Robin. It may all be for nothing. The show finally offers an explanation as to what happened to him. He was lost in the fog for weeks. When he was found, Black Badge had to take extensive measures to save his life. He is forever changed by that. It plays as the typical story of an actor having a scheduling conflict and being unable to return to further this story. It makes it fundamentally a story of pain for Jeremy. He had this connection. One where Robin was willing to sacrifice everything in order to protect this family. Jeremy is trying to save him now. He wants to offer him a meaningful life. It doesn't even have to include him as his boyfriend. No hope has truly emerged yet. Jeremy has been carrying this burden for awhile. He is capable of saving Wynonna and Waverly when their lives are in danger. He also kept these secrets. The power structure at Black Badge is constantly changing. This authority doesn't truly know what's going on in the Ghost River Triangle. The citizens barely understand it themselves. They still need some way in order to feel happy. Waverly and Nicole have found that in each other. Wynonna just needs to talk with Doc. A conversation may not be able to smooth over the differences between them. It may still be the necessary action in order to invite a more fulfilling life. One that can present the possibility of happiness instead of the despair that Wynonna is quick to turn to at the moment. She is deserving of that even though her actions in the past have also hurt her loved ones. Doc still cares about this family. He knows how to fight for them. He can recruit the allies they need to always deal with the demons they face each week. Distance has been placed in these relationships though. The burden is capable of being lifted. They each have to show the desire to do so. They have to welcome each other in. Otherwise, it's too much. Jeremy tried to cope with what happened to Robin. Wynonna knows the truth now. It doesn't change anything. But the openness allows more to be shared as well.