Sunday, March 21, 2021

REVIEW: 'Wynonna Earp' - A Trivia Night Grows Increasingly Competitive as the Champions Keep Getting Killed in 'Crazy'

Syfy's Wynonna Earp - Episode 4.09 "Crazy"

Trivia night in Purgatory leads to murder, mayhem and brain sandwiches.

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"Crazy" was written by Matt Doyle and directed by Jem Garrard

Are these characters trapped in their circumstances? To a certain extent, they are. A mysterious fog has rolled in around the border of the Ghost River Triangle. No one understands it. People who enter suddenly lose all of their memories. As such, the community is contained to Purgatory. However, they can still have happy and thriving lives in this place. This question is introduced by the latest demon Wynonna and her family must face. The genie positions herself as trapped in this existence. There is no use in trying to separate her from the person asking wishes. They are connected. That cannot be broken until the human dies. He can ask wishes until that point. She will grant them. This is what life is. It's what it has always been for her. She doesn't challenge it. It fits into a narrative that is easily understood. Sure, she is more fascinated by what's going on outside this dynamic. She is obsessed with her phone and social media. However, she too thrives on this dynamic. She gets to prey on people. She indulges their wishes in order to live out her own fantasies. She delights in killing. It's not a burden when her human wants to embrace such a heinous and despicable impulse. This case just happens to be complicated by a trivia night. It feels like such a low stakes story. One that certainly isn't worth killing over. And yet, it provides passion and excitement for the citizens of this town. It's an activity to proclaim one's intelligence. It is portrayed as the competition to determine who is the smartest. It shouldn't have that pressure. That's the way one person views it though. As such, everyone else gets wrapped up in that passion as well. Nicole doesn't want to be there. Doc wants to run to save Wynonna after realizing she is probably in danger. They cannot leave. That is the curse inflicted upon them. It forces Nicole into breaking free from her shame. She confronts the embarrassing moment that happened to her when she lost the election. The town still needs her. She has always served as its moral compass at the heart of the police department. She serves well in that position. Not everyone has appreciated her in that regard. It's easier to make fun of her. She did kick a chicken after all. She is full of passion though. She has a willingness to do this job. Wynonna and Waverly only care when they are alerted to a domestic abuse situation. They don't have time for the trivial concerns of the other citizens. Their priorities are certainly legitimate. However, the situation is much more complicated than it seems. Again, it's an examination of power dynamics. Wynonna only has clarity when she is faced with death. The genie doesn't want to bear the screams of her latest victim. She claims that Wynonna was never in any true danger. But again, that's simply trying to tell a story in the aftermath in order to survive. People rationalize their behavior. They try to make sense of the bad things they have done. Doc sees clearly that the power of a gun can warp Wynonna's sense of justice and morality. She gets to decide the fate of every demon in this town at every single moment. That's a ton of power. She is trusted with it. She must do so responsibly. She has a connection with the genie. They are attracted to the same energy in life. Wynonna also takes a stand as her own unique individual. One that can see the situation clearly for what it is. It's hard to have that kind of self-reflection though. Wynonna has always struggled in being introspective. She still hasn't mended fences with Doc. That's something that she has to be willing to do. It can't be something that is magically fixed through a wish. That creates a false reality that will only be open to more corruption. That's how the genie operates. As such, Wynonna sees shooting her as a way to free her from this pattern. It's an act of mercy. One that protects the town from this threat. It cannot be allowed to stand. More lives would be put in danger if it was. But again, the conversation continues. Are these characters trapped in the circumstances that have defined their lives for so long? It's a philosophic question being raised by a series almost arriving at its end. It's still a lot of fun to see the competitiveness between Waverly, Jeremy and Doc. The prize isn't appealing in the slightest. They all want it though. They are compelled to do so. They are still capable of embracing their individual lives in Purgatory. Happiness can still be found here. More clarity has arrived. These characters are growing more honest with each other. Wynonna still yearns for more. She has to put in that hard work. Otherwise, she too may just be another victim of the tragic circumstances that frequently dominate this world.