Thursday, April 15, 2021

REVIEW: 'Station 19' - The Firefighters Celebrate a Unique Shift Until a Horrifying News Story Breaks in 'Here It Comes Again'

ABC's Station 19 - Episode 4.11 "Here It Comes Again"

Maya, Jack, Vic, Travis and Sullivan respond to a burn call at an ice rink. Meanwhile, a pregnant woman and her husband seek out the station for help. Maya and Carina have a difficult conversation.

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"Here It Comes Again" was written by Emmylou Diaz & Tyrone Finch and directed by Karen Gaviola

When the firefighters go into work each shift, they have no idea what emergencies are going to arise. They serve the community no matter what though. They have to do whatever it takes to save people when they are in danger. It's an honorable profession for them. Sometimes, the emergencies are life-threatening. They face the same traumas over and over again. Sometimes though, they see something that is completely unique and unexpected. They haven't trained for those situations. And yet, they still have to respond to them. It's strange when the firefighters walk into a skating rink and see a zamboni on fire. Maya leads her crew. And yet, her idea of how to handle the situation doesn't have much support. Sure, the crew follows her orders. However, they also brainstorm other ways to handle the situation. They are inventive. They find a solution that extinguishes the fire quickly. Sullivan, Jack and Vic know how to skate. It comes from their youth. Of course, some of them are better than others. However, they feel confident heading out onto the ice and carefully maneuvering around this erratic machine. It was more precarious when the first responders were trying to get to the driver in time. That was more concerning because a life was in danger. He doesn't want an ambulance ride either. This couple has invested all of their money in this rink. This isn't the first fire they've had. It's certainly the strangest. Neither of them truly knows how it happened. They are just grateful the firefighters are capable of putting it out. It's still dangerous. That's the risk of this job. None of them shy away from the danger. They embrace it. They celebrate afterwards. The camaraderie is always present amongst this crew. They have each other's backs in the field. They are supportive and encouraging afterwards as well. They can voice their concerns about life to one another. Miller fears that he is abandoning his daughter just like JJ did. He thinks that he works too often and Pru already knows that he is an absent parent. He cares about how he is doing as a father. That concern proves that he cares about how Pru will grow up. He is even willing to mend fences with his mother in order to better strengthen his life elsewhere. He is selfless. These fears still exist. Andy can help talk him down. She was raised by a single father who also happened to be a firefighter. She has grown up mostly well adjusted. Sure, she has her issues that pop up because she is an ongoing character on a television show. But her life is still aspirational for what Miller needs to hear in this moment. Moreover, they save a life so that a man can get to experience the joys of being a father. That medical emergency is precarious for a number of reasons. It highlights how the hospitals being overwhelmed with COVID patients actually hurts the people with other emergencies. The staff was willing to write off this man as being dead because he was down for six minutes. He could still be revived. Miller fought for that. He achieved it. It's an uplifting story in the end. Back at the fire station, a baby girl is successfully born as well. This family is complete. They just have to be reunited at the hospital. It's a joyous occasion. And then, the show delivers that final gut punch. This is the day George Floyd is killed when a police officer places his knee on his neck for over nine minutes. That video is absolutely horrifying. It took brave citizens on the sidewalk to film it and speak out against it. This injustice is still all too prevalent in society. This moment also reveals that the show still has so much story to tell from the past year. The pandemic has been absolutely life-changing. And now, a moment of racial reckoning is coming. That was already at the forefront as a result of Miller's lawsuit against the police department. People are still trying to convince him to drop the suit for the greater good. That seems unlikely now. These abuses cannot be allowed to stand. Every single one is brutal and vicious to watch. Those who abuse their power have to be held accountable. It also requires people to speak up and show up to create a better world even when stories of police misconduct are absolutely rampant. We cannot get bogged down and grow complacent. The world still needs to be saved. It needs every day heroes willing to fight these battles. That emotional moment stings and brings everything to a solemn note even when the first responders want to celebrate the job well done they've just had in this shift.