Thursday, April 15, 2021

REVIEW: 'Younger' - Liza Feels Refreshed After Spending Time with Kai But Work Always Causes More Stress in 'Risky Business'

Paramount+'s Younger - Episode 7.04 "Risky Business"

Liza travels to Montauk to help Kai Manning with his memoir and comes back to the office refreshed. An unexpected adventure with Quinn leaves Kelsey questioning her career choices. Josh's new love interest gets loud.

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"Risky Business" was written by Alison Brown and directed by Andrew Fleming

Liza needs to get out of her own head. That's the advice Kai gives her after just a brief amount of time in Montauk. Of course, he is a free and uninhabited guy. Meanwhile, this has always been a character flaw of Liza's. She thinks too much. In fact, this episode highlights the many ways in which she is torn about possibly having sex with Kai. He comes out and asks her. He believes it's the best way to completely stop thinking. That has never been particularly true for Liza. It's hard for her to turn her brain off. She spends several seconds in her car looking at Kai and debating whether or not she should have sex with him. Of course, they have a professional relationship now. It is crossing a boundary. She believes she can pull a great book of stories out of him. She spends this time with him because the company needs a solid idea of what this book is going to be. They need that structure in order to justify the amount of money they just spent. It's not good enough to know his name and his past successful projects. They need to know how to form a book that they can publish. It too ultimately pivots around sex. Liza eventually lets herself go. It's invigorating when she gets to stand while surfing. Sure, the show doesn't actually depict that action. A change still occurs though. Liza was uncomfortable when she saw Kai naked upon first arriving at the beach. She is eventually willing to have sex with him in an outdoor shower. It's hot and arousing. It means Liza returns to work reinvigorated. And then, she discovers that sex is all that Kai really thinks about. His journals aren't full of meaningful stories about his travels across the world. They are simply names of people he's slept with and the acrobatic positions he has done with them. It's flimsy doodles and nothing more. It's terrifying for the editors. They thought they had something they could form and sell just like they do with the many properties across their brand. They eventually have to settle on something more risqué and scandalous. It still makes for a convincing pitch though. Charles is uncomfortable in the room. Of course, he reads the whole situation as Liza having already moved on. She hasn't really. Sure, it's easy to assume she'll have an ongoing relationship with Kai because she is his editor. And yet, this feels like the conclusion of that particular dynamic onscreen. He helped get her out of her head for a few moments. Then, she panicked. Work once again was able to distract her. This is still her passion after all. She is good at this job. She needs support from Kelsey and Maggie. However, they are still a winning team who come up with a profitable concept. Sex can absolutely make people skittish especially with how open some people are willing to be about it. Charles essentially fits into that mold here. Meanwhile, Kelsey and Lauren are annoyed by having to listen to Josh and KT have sex in the next room. It's loud. That's all that story basically amounts to. It also affirms that Josh can only now be interested in people who love kids and could see them in their lives. That's important to him. This bond may not have gone anywhere. Her confession that she doesn't want kids is clarifying for Josh. It's disappointing for him. But again, it points out that most of these flings don't last very long for the characters. They are usually interesting for an episode or two. But they always go back to what is known. They have fun along the way. That never distracts from what's actually important. However, Charles may also stand in contrast to that because he and Quinn are growing closer. In fact, everyone has a more pleasant time with Quinn here than they have previously. It's a less stressful environment. It provides time for everyone to reflect on what's important. Kelsey believes she has made a mistake in retreating to Empirical once more. That seems more apparent now. But again, Quinn may always have some ulterior motive. She isn't loyal to anyone in her life. In fact, she will make it hurt if Liza stands in her way of getting Charles. That's important to her now. And yes, the connection is starting to form in a way where the audience can possibly understand. It doesn't present as healthy. But it's also Charles taking a chance because he believes Liza is already doing so. He cares about her and what she is doing. He reacts to that. It's not from a place of understanding and knowing the truth though. That may only ensure that more mistakes occur in the immediate future.