Monday, May 17, 2021

REVIEW: '9-1-1' - Eddie Leads with Compassion in the Hopes of Saving a Child Suffering From Abuse in 'Suspicion'

FOX's 9-1-1 - Episode 4.13 "Suspicion"

The members of the 118 make calls to save a bridezilla at a disastrous wedding and to a mother trapped on her balcony. Hen plays medical detective when her mother, Toni, falls ill. Eddie and Christopher receive a visit from Carla. Athena uncovers a secret Bobby has been hiding that puts their marriage on the rocks. Maddie struggles with adjusting to motherhood.

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"Suspicion" was written by Lyndsey Beaulieu & Andrew Meyers and directed by Brenna Malloy

This season has been intense all the way through because of the pandemic. That has increased the uncertainty of the world. However, emergencies didn't stop happening because everyone was largely trapped inside. Life kept on moving forward. Now, it's clear that people are emerging from their homes to see what world awaits them once more. It is celebratory in some instances. Eddie and Christopher get to be around Christopher again. She could no longer be the crucial lifeline this family needed. She needed time to deal with her own family's medical uncertainty. She finds comfort in this family as well. She offers wise advice too. She can sometimes see Eddie more clearly than he can see himself. And yet, the episode leaves his fate in a precarious position. It's such a sudden and jarring action as well. He and the 118 are focused on saving a young boy being poisoned by his mother. It's a twisted case where a mother is making her child sick so that she can scam people online. A kid is being hurt in the process. Eddie being in his life allows him to see things from a new perspective. He was always aware that his mother was doing something. He doesn't want her to die. That seems likely when he decides to poison her food the same way she has been doing to him for years. He has some tolerance for this drug. She doesn't. He freaks out. He calls Eddie. The firefighter arrives and gets to be the hero once more. This is more than a story of a struggling family clashing with an absent landlord and being placed in peril as a result. Their lives also conceal this disturbing truth. Eddie helps expose it. He responds with compassion. He does that on the job when he's rescuing the mom who has fallen through the balcony. He does it even more when caring for children. He is such a kind and generous soul. And yet, he gets shot. Again, that's such a shocking moment. The structure of the episode wasn't hinting at something tragic about to occur. The story was setting up meaningful story for Eddie in the future. But that final image is Buck on the ground seeing his best friend bleed out right in front of him. He is completely powerless in that situation because the sniper is still out there. He is willing and able to fire more shots. Now, this show has had its characters survive a number of injuries that should have been fatal. Chimney is testament to that on multiple occasions. And so, the audience may assume that Eddie will survive this as well. The possibility still exists that he might not. His life could be cut short tragically. That would disrupt the firehouse as well as all who care for Christopher. Eddie has been making so much progress in his personal life. He feels grounded and happy once more. And now, he's shot. He may die. That uncertainty is perilous. Eddie isn't the only character to be concerned about though. Sure, he's the only one surviving from life-threatening injuries. However, Maddie is clearly depressed as she feels inadequate in caring for Ji. She loves her daughter so much. She loves Chimney as well. And yet, parenting is exhausting and overwhelming to her. It's not a particularly subtle story. That comes from it being given less screen time than the plots happening with Eddie, Bobby and Athena. Her story is still valid and should be monitored though. Meanwhile, it seems like Bobby and Athena are hitting a breaking point. He has never allowed her into his world of sobriety. He has never truly been tested while he has been with her either. Some characters have witnessed his struggle. They have seen him fall off the wagon. He keeps her at arm's length in that regard. He claims she does the exact same thing. As such, it's easy to say that they are failing to communicate with one another. That could destroy their marriage. There is no longer trust or communication. Now, it could also be argued that this is sudden. It's meant to throw some drama into their lives while they are under attack on the job. Some stories are left incomplete in that regard because the threats need to linger to amp the drama for the finale. That's not an option when it comes to Hen caring for her mother. She almost dies. She is proud of her daughter for saving her in time. The world needs doctors like her. Doctors need to always lead with compassion. Hen's concerns were dismissed. She still advocated for her mother and saved her life in the end. That couldn't have been delayed at all. So, she gets that peace while everyone else is seemingly left to suffer in their own chaotic lives.