Monday, May 17, 2021

REVIEW: 'Bob Hearts Abishola' - Wedding Planning Highlights the Importance of Family in 'God Accepts Venmo'

CBS' Bob Hearts Abishola - Episode 2.18 "God Accepts Venmo"

While comparing their busy schedules, Bob and Abishola realize the perfect date for their wedding is in just three weeks and enlist their family and friends to help plan their big day.

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"God Accepts Venmo" was directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller with story by Al Higgins, Gina Yashere & Chuck Lorre and teleplay by Matt Ross, Nathan Chetty & Ibet Inyang

Bob and Abishola got engaged at the start of the season. They made that commitment to each other despite how difficult the process would be. The season has told some stories about that journey. It wasn't always clear that it was building to a wedding in the finale. They aren't even discussing a date until now. They suddenly realize just how conflicting their schedules will be. They can either wait a couple years or do it all in a matter of weeks. It's a crazy suggestion. It's spontaneous. Everyone is determined to make it happen. It takes a lot of planning. As such, so much of the typical engagement stories happen in this finale. The two families come together to discuss how they will pull off this celebration. Bob and Abishola test wedding cakes. Bob has his bachelor party and shows his appreciation for the friends who helped him along this journey. Tunde, Goodwin and Kofo have been so supportive every step of the way. Bob doesn't think he needs to do anything special for Douglas. And yet, he also appreciates the support he has always received from his brother. He shows that eventually because Douglas makes a big deal about being shunned during this celebration. But it's rather minor drama in the grand scheme of things. Nothing can derail this wedding. And yet, it doesn't ultimately happen. Tayo has long been planning to keep Dele in Nigeria. This isn't a decision he makes after spending time with his son in this environment. He feels like it's the only rational and sensible thing to do. As such, it must happen because he is Dele's father. His word matters above all else. It's personally devastating for Abishola. Her son is being taken away from her. She wants him to be there for this celebration. Bob asks him to be his best man. This family has so much love. Dele feels a strong connection to his American family. Of course, he also felt the curiosity to explore his Nigerian heritage. He wanted to better understand and appreciate the life and country that his family revers so much. He wants to interact with his relatives he has only seen through computer screens. This is a completely different life for him. He has remained in close contact with Abishola. And yet, he has increasingly come across as stiff and unlike himself. That comes from Tayo towering over him. He was listening in on every call determined to get his way. Dele isn't the one making this decision. He defers to his father because he believes the adults in his life know best. He has a great deal of respect for them. He always treats his elders well. That is ingrained in his culture and identity. It doesn't matter what he wants. Bob has tried to make that more of a concern everyone should think about. It hasn't always worked out for him. Dele has enjoyed a little independence. Abishola has as well. That doesn't mean she wants this family to break apart for good. Dele is her son. She has made all of the parenting decisions for his entire life. Tayo wants to exert control now simply because he views Abishola as acting irrationally. It's such a condescending stance. And yet, it still has the ability to complete shake this whole world. The wedding doesn't happen. Instead, Bob and Abishola are flying off to Nigeria to retrieve Dele. Now, that will also offer them the opportunity to interact with the family there. Olu and Tunde are along for the ride as the greatest advocates for this family. They still defer to others in certain situations. Right now, they are all being driven by love. It's the intense ending that provides the power of this finale. Up until that point, it was mostly lighthearted filler. Nothing is wrong with that. It offers plenty of sweet and tender moments as well. But it also highlighted the many ways in which the wedding has been in the back of everyone's minds this season. Bob and Abishola's struggles getting to the altar will continue. That may change at some point. That seems unlikely based on what their schedules appear to be based on their ambitions in life. Those also have to be respected and admired. Not everything goes how this family wants them to. These disruptions have the potential to ruin everything. It makes for a more entertaining story. One where the audience doesn't know what to expect less. Part of this is setting up story for the next season. The finale doesn't offer much resolution. It doesn't always need to. But this particular ending highlights how Bob and Abishola's story includes more than just them. That remains a priority for them despite how crazy and hectic their lives always seem to be.