Sunday, May 23, 2021

REVIEW: 'Pose' - Elektra's Business Expansion Helps Finance Angel's Dream Wedding in 'Something Borrowed, Something Blue'

FX's Pose - Episode 3.05 "Something Borrowed, Something Blue"

A visit from an old friend complicates Angel and Papi's wedding plans. Elektra expands her business with the help of her new, shady associates.

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"Something Borrowed, Something Blue" was written by Brad Falchuk & Steven Canals and directed by Steven Canals

Angel and Papi are perfectly happy having a small ceremony for their wedding with Blanca as their official witness. Throughout their lives, they have been expected to shrink their dreams in order to match what was capable in their realities. They had to dream small because the world was so determined to prevent them from finding happiness. And yet, all of that changes here. The balls have already served as a celebratory environment for these many occasions. But now, Elektra has the money to make all of her children's wildest dreams come true. Papi's ego takes a hit because he feels that he is failing his wife-to-be in not being able to give her the wedding of her dreams. In reality, Elektra is being generous in spirit. She cares for her children. She seeks to provide for them. She has the money and influence to make that happen now. Earlier this season, she was arrested by the cops for the sheer suspicion that she must know something about the organized crime elements in the city. And now, she forms an actual partnership with these shady individuals to launder their money. It's a massive change for her business. It also affords this incredible and extravagant new life for her. Personal satisfaction defines a certain part of this world for her. She wields herself with even more viciousness now. But all of this also highlights the profound sacrifice and love she has always extended towards her children. It's easy for her to be seen as someone who cuts others down because of the unhappiness and hatred she has for herself. Her life is much more complex than that. Yes, she is cruel to some people. She toys with those who serve a purpose. But she is incredibly dynamic and adoring as well. She can extend this kindness to Papi and Angel. She can speak elegantly on the importance of this moment. For far too long, the trans community has been forced to accept less than they deserve. They are completely deserving of love and prosperity. This wedding can serve as a vibrant image of what the future may hold for everyone in this community. Papi and Angel want this celebration to be about them and not just what they represent. They need to be convinced. They are completely accepting in the end. And then, the action follows a mostly fun adventure for Angel and the girls. It's always so electric when the four of them are together. Yes, they can cut each other to pieces. Everyone remains concerned about Lulu and her addiction. They don't want her to throw her life away at the precise time when their ambitions are limitless. They can achieve whatever they want. They no longer have to accept the balls as the only place where they can truly shine. Angel can be a bride walking down the aisle. Moreover, the girls can have a blast shopping for wedding dresses. They can have fun pampering themselves. They can delight in boasting to others just how well they are doing. They have the ability to flaunt all this decadence because of Elektra's influence. She fits right in with organized crime. That should be scary. She has the potential to hurt people. Everything she does happens out of kindness. Sure, not everyone may want to know how Elektra got the wedding dresses for this grand celebration. But it's still a remarkable achievement. One where Elektra wields her power to the utmost degree. It's daunting. Her children respect the hustle. They see all the hard work. They appreciate her generosity. They extend it towards each other. And yet, this wedding may not happen. Papi learns that he has a son. His ex-girlfriend was pregnant five years ago. Papi managed to leave that toxic world for one full of opportunities. He never looked back. He found his own happiness. He made something of his life. He is deserving of all of that. He also feels compelled to step up as a father at a time when his son needs that guidance. He must serve in that role. Angel reacts in fear. She worries about her sobriety and the turmoil a kid will throw into their relationship. This happens right before their wedding. It's drama meant to increase the tension and throw everything out the window. It's perhaps too melodramatic a twist to introduce at this point in order to create some adversity. Everything was seemingly happening too easily as Elektra could provide for Angel and Papi. That is a different outlet than the scrappy nature of how these characters have thrived over the years. That contrast would have been compelling in its own right. Here, that side of the proceedings is fun and campy while Papi is dealing with the more dramatic concerns that will threaten everything. It's a story being half-told at the moment. The next episode will clear everything up. That's just not the way most of the narrative has worked in each episode this season though. It usually keeps things clear and concise with the main story each week. Here, it all builds to something much more uncertain. As such, the payoff may determine the effectiveness of it all.