Wednesday, May 19, 2021

REVIEW: 'Superman & Lois' - Clark Tries to Help Jordan and Tag as They Are Overwhelmed by Their New Powers in 'Broken Trust'

The CW's Superman & Lois - Episode 1.06 "Broken Trust"

Clark reconsiders his decision to let Jordan play football. Lois' continued investigation of Morgan Edge requires her to trust an unexpected ally.

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"Broken Trust" was written by Katie Aldrin and directed by Sudz Sutherland

Jordan and Tag are teenagers overwhelmed by superpowers they didn't ask for and don't know how to control. They are seen as threats solely because of what they are capable of doing as well. Everyone reacts with fear because it only takes one mistake to turn deadly. As such, the stakes are amplified significantly. It seems reasonable for General Lane to send in soldiers prepared to take lethal action to eliminate this threat. Clark refuses to accept that. He knows that Tag is just a kid looking for answers. He needs to know what happened to him. He has hurt people. He didn't intend on doing so. He's lost and trying to make sense of this. Clark tries his best to protect him. And yet, he delivered him to the system that wanted to cage and study him. They weren't willing to provide safety or answers. He was able to break out. He won't be able to do that again. The department knows they have to treat his abilities more seriously. And so, he is locked up. Clark ensures that he isn't cuffed like a criminal. He still can't offer full protection and clarity over what happens next. A lie is still being given to Tag throughout all of this. Clark understands that anger and angst as well. He was shot with Kryptonite by those same soldiers. They were prepared to be on the other side of this conflict. They knew that Superman could stand in the way of their orders. Lane controls that directive. He has prepared for this certainty. Clark sees his father-in-law in a new way because of that. He has worked so hard to earn the truth of everyone on this planet. And yet, he too needs to restrain himself. His freedom and heroism could be taken away in an instant. That responsibility lies squarely on his shoulders. He has years of experience handling that pressure though. He is still learning new things in this world. He is still faced with threats that test him. Parenting is one of them. He presents as a valuable resource for Jordan. He is the only person in the world who can relate to what he is going through. Clark was lucky to have a father who taught him how to control his powers. That influence set a strong foundation for his moral compass. He has always remained firm in that. He offers the same kindness to his son. He tests him. He wants to protect him as well. This is necessary because these powers have developed. In order for Jordan to have a free and independent life, people have to trust that he won't have any devastating outbursts. The energy is bubbling up inside him though. It explodes on the football field. He is tested because Smallville is facing off with Metropolis. He gets to finally stand up to the bullies who have been cruel to him for so many years. They are condescending and arrogant. He has the power to knock them back. He is lucky his father is on the field. Jordan has to let out his energy. Clark can take it. He is indestructible. He shows a kindness to his son. It's all meant to protect him. The mystery persists though. Jordan insists that he isn't like his father. These powers forge a connection between them. Clark is accepting of Jordan finding his own path. That can't come at the expense of his brother though. Jonathan essentially offers his arm as sacrifice so that Jordan doesn't let his strength out on the wrong person. Jonathan has built an entire life out of being a star quarterback. That is all gone now. Jordan is sorry for that. It was an accident. And yet, this emotional uncertainty remains so destructive. That manifests in physical form as well. The cliffhanger of him having a seizure with the energy building inside his head is powerful. Clark flies off to the Fortress to hopefully gain answers. That action resonates so clearly because the family drama is at the heart of this story. Yes, other mysteries are happening as well. Lois and Luther work together to uncover why Morgan Edge is so interested in the Smallville mines. Sarah's life is in danger for a moment. That inspires Lana to cooperate with Lois' investigation into Edge. More lives could be in peril soon. Malicious actors are invading this town hoping to take advantage of its resources in the name of revitalization. The people in Smallville can't lose the charm that makes this place special. And yet, the stakes are so high because of the amazing abilities that are being spread across this world. It still hits more personally with the Clark family drama. The other stories have their moments of intrigue as well though.