Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Development News - Derek Luke and Sabrina Revelle to Co-Star on Disney+ Drama Pilot 'The Crossover'

Development News - June 9, 2021

Disney+'s The Crossover.

  • Derek Luke, Sabrina Revelle, Skyla I'Lece, Deja Monique Cruz and Trevor Raine Bush will co-star on the drama pilot starring Jalyn Hall and Amir O'Neil. Luke previously starred for two seasons in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why and in the second season of USA's The Purge. Revelle has recurred on YouTube Premium's Champaign ILL. I'Lece has recurred on Starz's P-Valley. Cruz has guest starred on NBC's Law & Order: SVU. Bush is a relative newcomer.
  • Luke will play Chuck Bell, the father of 13-year-old twins Filthy (Hall) and JB (O'Neil), a former pro basketball player who knows everything there is to know about the game. A loving husband and father, he'll do whatever it takes to give his family what they need.
  • Revelle will play Crystal Bell, a life force and the mother of Filthy and JB.
  • I'Lece will play Alexis, a talented musician who just moved back into the neighborhood.
  • Cruz will play Maya. Sharp as a tack, observant, perceptive and not afraid to speak her mind, she is one of Filthy and JB's best friends.
  • Bush will play Vondine, Filthy and JB's best friend and fellow basketball player on the team.