Wednesday, June 2, 2021

REVIEW: 'Nancy Drew' - Nancy Must Confront Her Painful Past to Destroy What Threatens Her Future in 'The Echo of Lost Tears'

The CW's Nancy Drew - Episode 2.18 "The Echo of Lost Tears"

Carson, Ryan and the Drew Crew work together to help Nancy.

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"The Echo of Lost Tears" was written by Noga Landau & Katie Schwartz and directed by Amanda Row

Nancy has long believed that her life was broken and full of pain long before she was even born. She was born into a destructive world that abused so many generations that came before her. As such, it was destined for her to be on this path. She could never escape it. This dysfunction is central to who she is. That doesn't mean she has to choose the dark and destructive options that create even more harm to the people around her. Her life is still her own. She still has personal agency. She can't surrender to what the legacy of the past means for her. So much vengeful spirits lurk in Horseshoe Bay. They can't reside peacefully because of the traumas that took them from this world. In fact, a monstrosity has latched onto Nancy. Her life this season has been completely shaped by that invasion of her world. It's only a recent discovery as well. And yet, the wraith is sucking her dry. Her life is being crushed right in front of her. Her friends and family are worried about saving her before it's too late. They don't think she has much time left. As such, they have to embrace the most insane actions available in the hopes of saving her. They all have the skills to track down everything needed to ensure Nancy's survival. This supernatural parasite isn't going to take her from them. She still has so much more she needs to do in this world. She has already made some powerful enemies though - both human and supernatural. They want to dictate her fate. They want to eliminate her as a threat. Her life serves as a great uncertainty. Her actions inspire chaos. But they also threaten exposure of all the heinous abuses that have taken place in this community. Nancy fights to save as many lives as she can. She hopes for justice. She also has to reckon with her own place in this world. She is traumatized by the past. She has long known that not everything was as picturesque as it seemed with her family. She pushed Carson away. But now, she is glad to have his love and support in this world. She is glad to have Ryan as well. It's a huge sacrifice on his part to relinquish his parental rights retroactively now. It's a selfless act to preserve the family that Nancy has built and loved. She has to make a pivotal choice as well. The wraith has essentially been feasting on her trauma. It was easy for this creature to latch onto her because it was created by Hudson blood. It gained power through the drama and despair that Nancy has long wanted to avoid in her life. She has been so reluctant to confront the ugly truth that has shaped her world. She is armed with that information. If a secret is out there, she will work to uncover it. That doesn't mean she's well-equipped to handle the fallout of that discovery. Here, she has to kill the wraith while being completely acceptive of everything that has defined her world. She can't hide away those parts of her identity. She must embrace them. She can't sever them easily without dramatically changing her world. Her friends help her every step of the way. She comes to some crucial realizations about them as well. Sure, she doesn't ultimately kiss Ace in her dreamscape. That still provides her with clarity about how she feels about him. Meanwhile, he leaves for a romantic adventure with Amanda. He has yet to come to the same realization about Nancy. That's still on the horizon. The same is true of George. Her life may be cut short because Odette residing within her body. The two souls have clashed throughout the season. But now, Odette is gracious enough to stop taking any more precious moments of George's life away. She can't leave for good. She can only lock herself away. It's her choice in the end. It's a graceful note despite the tragedy of it all. These characters hope to find peace throughout these various adventures. They save each other's lives. They prop up what matters most to each of them too. They refuse to let any moment be wasted. That inspires George to propose to Nick. An answer isn't given though. Moreover, the drama cuts away to a new threat arriving in Horseshoe Bay. Temperance Hudson created the wraith because she was locked out of this town through a powerful spell. Nancy's blood is used to break that and allow her to return. That too reinforces the idea that the past is never far removed from the present. It has echoes through so many actions. In this world, it happens to be much more physical. Nancy will have to contend with this distant relative armed with powerful magic. But she and the Drew Crew have faced many supernatural threats before. They will continue to do so. It's the passionate roles they have in life. They have each other and that's incredibly meaningful for each of them despite the threats out there.