Monday, August 30, 2021

REVIEW: 'Legends of Tomorrow' - Spooner Gets Answers About Her Past While Trying to Stop Constantine in 'There Will Be Brood'

The CW's Legends of Tomorrow - Episode 6.14 "There Will Be Brood"

When Astra and Spooner find themselves as stowaways, they learn that Constantine is still chasing the Fountain of Imperium and find themselves in 1920s Texas. With the rest of the Legends stranded, they come up with a plan to get help by using Rory as bait that will also help reunite him with something that is special to him. Spooner learns some information about her past that she wasn't expecting.

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"There Will Be Brood" was written by Ray Utarnachitt & Marcelena Campos Mayhorn and directed by Maisie Richardson-Sellers

A giant alien mushroom holds the power Constantine seeks. That's the kind of insane, delightful detail that this show can always be trusted to provide. Something like that can easily distract from some shoddy plotting elsewhere. Not all of the characters' motivations have to line up perfectly when something like that fuels the epic climax of the story. It previously seemed as if Constantine was incapable of choosing sobriety and walking away from magic. His soul had already been corrupted by the power he consumed to continually operate on that magical high. He only sees the error of his ways in the moments before his death. That's what this episode is building towards as well. However, he isn't the only Legend whose fate is in peril by the conclusion of this hour. Spooner and Rory are in danger as well. It's unlikely that the show is killing off all of these characters. Moreover, death doesn't mean the same thing on this show as it once did. The actors can easily come back as new people. Plus, the technology exists for clones to be made on the Waverider. That can lesson the emotional impact of this moment a little bit. However, it's still quite stirring to watch Spooner reunite with her mother and get all the answers she has long sought out in her life. She always believed that aliens were responsible for destroying her life. She felt this agonizing connection to them and targeted them relentlessly. This episode reveals that an alien actually saved her life. The Fountain is an alien being. It deemed her worthy of its power. And so, she was transported to the future. She may have been isolated and distraught. However, she survives and makes her way back to the moment her mother was killed in front of her by greedy men. She does change the past as well. Hopefully, she does so for the better. That has been a motto for the Legends for awhile. Of course, Astra and Spooner haven't been on the ship long enough to know the practical concerns of this mission. It's personal to them. They understand the importance of stopping Constantine in his quest for more magic. This time period holds personal resonance with them. Spooner finally gets all the clarity she has always wanted. She doesn't want to inflict that same harm once more. She has the tools to make a difference. She realizes that she is connected to the Fountain which fuels her with new powers. That's a big revelation of this episode. It's seemingly taken away just as quickly though. That can make all of this feel rushed at the end. Spooner's overall story this season has been sporadically told. She simply had to serve as a new wild card on the team. She has thrived in that role. She is now rewarded for that patience. Meanwhile, Constantine's downfall plays into so many dynamics that have long defined the character. For a long time, he felt that he failed Astra. She has been saved. She is walking her own path towards redemption. She saves lives and has made friends on Earth. The team has become her family as well. The darkness may always be a temptation for her. She is making her own choices though with the support to carry on her own independence. Constantine is proud of her. He is also blinded by his own greed. He always knew that he would have to pay for his various sins in life. He expects torture in Hell. That's the fate that consumes him here. It cuts short all the hopefulness from his potential future with Zari. That possibility is gone. Hopefully, she can grow from this experience. It's still shockingly taken away from her. Her reaction will have to be delved into more in the future. Meanwhile, Rory puts his life on the line in order to save all of his children. Bishop has set a trap on the Waverider. Again, not all of Bishop's motivations make sense in the grand scheme of things. His actions basically just invite more alien invaders to Earth. He acts as if the Fountain has long protected the planet. That's not entirely true given the threats from out of this world that have attacked across the various shows in this universe. That's a little hard to believe. His actions still hold personal consequences for the team. Constantine is gone. Rory and Spooner may be dying because they fought for the connections they hold dear. That's a solid place to leave things before the season finale despite some issues getting there.