Monday, August 16, 2021

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Maria and Isobel Look Inward to Find Crucial Details About the Fatal Vision in 'Walk on the Ocean'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 3.04 "Walk on the Ocean"

Isobel and Maria take a trip together to look for answers. Kyle receives a message from his past. Michael makes a disturbing discovery.

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"Walk on the Ocean" was written by Onalee Hunter Hughes & Christopher Hollier and directed by Aprill Winney

Kyle felt that he didn't have his own agency in Roswell. He questioned whether or not he should stay there. His friends trusted him with their secrets. However, they also used that information to rope him into crazy schemes believing that he would always be reliable for their needs. He wanted to stand out as his own person. And yes, he found a mystery himself that he needed answers about. He needed to know why his father was delivering a message through an antique radio with alien technology. It didn't make any sense. It's mostly just to issue yet another dire warning for Kyle. His father tells him to walk away from the aliens. The impulse to help and protect them is strong. And yet, it will always end in tragedy. That was true for both his grandfather and father. It's not what kills Kyle though. Maria's vision suggested that the forthcoming death deeply tied to the aliens as they had to cover up what truly happened. In reality, Kyle is trying to stand up for his community. He wants to hold people accountable when they abuse and torture others. His mother didn't condone the actions of the undocumented community. However, she set out to protect them as well. That may certainly be a rosy way to shade her actions. It mostly allows for Kyle to feel his duty to support the people of this world. They are scared. He has the ability to help. He must do so. That ultimately gets him killed. A white supremacist who also happens to be the son of the mayor only wishes to view him as one of the good immigrants. One who came to this country to provide a valuable service as a doctor. Kyle understands the vital role farming plays in the overall society as well. He knows that it too can be a noble profession despite the hard work frequently forced onto undocumented labor as the people in charge expect it to be done cheaply. Kyle has this awareness. He sets out to make a difference. He is killed as a result. Maria and Isobel are hoping to find answers before this fateful moment occurs. They may be too late. They knew they were running against a clock. They make some valuable insights into their own psyches. Isobel expresses how she doesn't trust Jones but still perceives him as family. Meanwhile, Maria wants to be included by the aliens because that aspect of her identity can't easily be understood by the humans who care for her. They each take risks knowing it could all backfire against them. And yes, plenty of uncertainty exists elsewhere in this world. Right now, so much is focused on solving the mystery of Maria's vision. Sure, that particular story is paced slowly so that the big reveal comes at the very last second of the episode. Moreover, it's treated as part of a montage where for a few seconds people believe Liz could be in the casket. In that brief moment, everyone is asked to view her dynamic with Heath differently. Up to this point, it's been seen as a loving and encouraging new romance. One that doesn't have all the baggage and animosity of the past with Max. And yet, the concern immediately exists that he could do something to her because of the shocking decision to quit her job. That doesn't play out. Liz is alive and attends the funeral. The concern for that brief moment may foreshadow something more at play here. Hopefully, it's not just an excuse for Liz to redirect her attention back to Max. That central dynamic is pivotal but not as meaningful as the show wants or believes it is. That continues to be frustrating. Moreover, the story keeps suggesting that Jones offers something new in each glimpse of his past. And yet, each display of a memory mostly just asserts the same note. It's him having complete compassion for Max. He cares for him like a son while Nora and Louise were trying to keep them apart. It places a burden on Max because he has to decide if he wants Jones to heal him. It may be possible. It may also allow all of this to continue in a much more complicated way. Jones provides knowledge of the past for the aliens. The show teeters the line of whether or not he can be trusted. That ambiguity is fine. It mostly comes across as non-committal. If that drags out for too long, then it will read as the show not really knowing what to do with its characters. One mystery is solved here. That should provide some momentum. The reaction to it has to live up to the promise of a changed world for these characters though.