Tuesday, August 17, 2021

HBO Announces Premiere Date for Limited Series 'Scenes From a Marriage' Starring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain

HBO has today announced the premiere date for its original limited series Scenes From a Marriage starring Oscar Isaac (the Star Wars franchise) and Jessica Chastain (The Help, Zero Dark Thirty).

The 5-part limited series will premiere on Sunday, September 12 at 9/8c.

A captivating re-examination of the dilemmas probed by Ingmar Bergman's classic Swedish series, the limited series explores love, hatred, desire, monogamy, marriage, and divorce through the lens of a contemporary American couple. Mira (Chastain) is a confident, ambitious tech executive left unfulfilled by her marriage, and Jonathan (Isaac) is a cerebral and accommodating philosophy professor desperate to keep their relationship intact. The series mines the full complexity of Jonathan and Mira as individuals who ultimately know their marriage isn't being torn apart by any one event or flaw, resulting in a radically honest series that allows the audience to eavesdrop on private conversations between two people torn between feelings of hate and love.

The cast also features Sunita Mani, Nicole Beharie, Corey Stoll and Tovah Feldshuh.

Hagai Levi (Our Boys) developed the series. He executive produces with Isaac, Chastain, Michael Ellenberg, Lars Blomgren, Amy Herzog, Daniel Bergman and M. Blair Breard.