Monday, October 4, 2021

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Isobel and Michael Find New Weapons to Better Their Odds in Fighting Jones in '2 Become 1'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 3.11 "2 Become 1"

A desperate Liz agrees to a deal. Rosa helps Isobel make a big discovery. The fight to save Max begins.

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"2 Become 1" was written by Eva McKenna and directed by Lauren Petzke

Whomever controls the science controls the universe. That has been the overwhelming stakes of the story in the last few episodes. And now, all the major players are brought together in one location. That's a daunting final image. It proves that Jones is still capable of so much more than anyone has even imagined. That applies to Michael as well. He too has limited himself out of fear because of the compassion he has for his siblings. He doesn't want to do anything that will cause them pain. And yet, he is a powerful weapon in this fight. He cannot be corrupted in the same way as his father. That's simply not who he is despite his genes and overall abilities. It requires a forceful nudge to convince him of his strength. That's the terms through which everyone has to handle this conflict. The stakes are dire and extreme. Jones is holding Liz, Heath and Sheriff Taylor as his prisoners. He is actually controlling the sheriff when he releases her onto the world. People know that Jones can't be trusted at his word. As such, that has resulted in a lot of characters trying to outmaneuver one another. That fuels the final twist here. But it can also be confusing to the audience as they try to keep up with everything that is happening. Is Liz ever truly tempted by Jones' offer? That should be a central question. She even professes that the version of her from the first two seasons would have seen the merit to his argument. He believes pain and suffering is a part of life. That means it is sometimes required in order to arrive at something beautiful. He needed to end civilization on his world in order to save it from pending doom. He makes the same declaration about Earth. This planet is heading towards the same fate. It takes someone with true vision to ensure that calamity doesn't occur. He projects that importance onto Liz. He is playing to her desire to be respected as the brilliant scientist who breaks the code to alien life. It's clear to see Jones' manipulations. It's quite easy for him to play to the vulnerabilities of those who make up this world too. He operates with complete security while the other main characters are still uncertain in their desires and ambitions. That's central to Rosa's story as well. She too believes that she has to leave Roswell in order to start over with a more rewarding life. That's the same desire Liz had. And now, she is back in Roswell with the absolute certainty that this is where she needs to be. Rosa fears that same fate because she too has an alien connection. She helps Isobel unearth her own sword she can wield in battle. That serves as a confidence boost for her. Rosa also warns her not to fall into the same trap that Jones inevitably has for her. That requires an understanding of development and growth. Have these characters learned anything from their previous interactions with Jones? Is it now incumbent on the newcomers to this conflict to make those ultimate mistakes? That appears to be the case. Dallas is the one with a personal stake in all of this now. He needs Jones to beg as payback for the harm inflicted on his family in the past. That allows just enough time for Jones to disrupt the plan to place him in power-dampening handcuffs. That too is an incredible invention on Michael's part. It's not used though. Instead, Jones flexes a new ability. He demands everyone listen to what he has to say. Some could be persuaded to his argument. It's also necessary for the audience to believe they could never be tempted. Instead, it has to be all about saving Max's life with his own body. That's what Liz is fighting for throughout this dangerous situation. Heath gets to be resourceful along the way too. He is operating in the dark to a certain extent though. Liz has more of an understanding of the stakes involved. She wants Jones to operate in good faith. He is never going to do that. He is too powerful and quick to deceive. And so, the protagonists still can't quite measure up to the threat he poses to them. It all continues to escalate. The science is so close to being unlocked fully. Every person is an integral part of that dynamic. The outsiders not involved in this specific situation though are just as pivotal. Maria, Alex and Rosa are removed from that conflict. That may afford them the chance at freedom and to decide what matters to them. That's just an inference though. All of this may be inescapable to all of them. They are forever doomed to play out these alien conflicts every step of the way. Jones is the most daunting antagonist they've faced so far. He has revealed new depths of their history and powers. That should inform and reward each of them moving forward. But that can only be achieved and recognized should they survive his plans for them. That means a lot of satisfying resolution is being denied in service of whatever action creates the most tension. That can be engaging and entertaining. The character moments need to sting just as strongly. At the moment, the urgency is clouding the effectiveness of how much this has impacted who they each are as individuals. A few fleeting moments occur. That's enough for a solid foundation to evolve upon. It's also easily distracted by the stakes of saving Max and defeating Jones which largely takes precedence over everything else.