Monday, October 11, 2021

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Everyone Questions Their Own Strength as Jones Flexes His Power in 'I Ain't Goin' Out Like That'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 3.12 "I Ain't Goin' Out Like That"

Isobel helps Kyle save a life. Jones needs something from Michael. Liz and Heath continue to work on the science in the hopes of stopping Jones. Everyone is working together to try and defeat the dictator, but will they all make it out alive?

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"I Ain't Goin' Out Like That" was written by Isabel Nelson & Danny Tolli and directed by Lance Anderson

Jones is more powerful than any alien who previously existed on his home planet. Maria had a vision that foretold the death of someone she knew. Those are the details that established the season's overall story. They went in and out of focus over the course of the season. However, they are salient plot points with purpose. They were established early on for a reason. Yes, it was annoying for a little while as Maria was desperately chasing clues in order to save a life. She prevailed in that endeavor. But now, it appears to have only amplified. She sees multiple caskets. It's still a struggle for her to see the vision with clarity. The world slows down for her. She has the time and patience to crack this mystery. That's the opposite of the urgency everyone else is operating under. They are facing off with Jones. He still wields a great deal of power. He can pull multiple people into the mindscape. He can defeat Isabel even when she has the strength to break that hold. He may simply be too powerful. That's what makes it thrilling when it appears as if Michael is evenly matched with him. He has continually held himself back. He is strong enough to resist Jones though. He has the power to keep him from unlocking the secrets in his mind. He still exposes his great love for Alex and the location of the Lockhart machine. That only comes after a dramatic fight. Father and son fight both for the weapon and information as well as to prove their strength. Jones still has a way of exploiting the deepest insecurities felt by the people in his way. Liz and Isobel recognize that and feel defeated that the temptation was still so strong. Liz was never going to betray her friends. And yet, she still wants the validation that has constantly been denied to her for so long. It taunts her. It shouldn't be the priority of her life. She has friends who recognize her genius. That should be enough. They love and support her. Isobel has that as well. She believes she has to be a fierce warrior. It's how her mother served. She fought back against Jones and brought Max to safety. She protected her family from this devious influence. Isobel believes she's failing. Her weapon is destroyed. And yet, she can still loyally serve her friends. She saves Dallas' life alongside Kyle. Sure, all of that is made more complicated by the story actively addressing his crush on her. That is put into words for the audience to understand what's going on. Isobel is an empath but hasn't quite cracked what's up with Kyle just yet. As such, that particular story feels unfinished. That too may remove some of the stakes from the final action. Similarly, it's strange for the show to introduce the idea of Max losing his alien abilities in order to return to his body only for that not to happen. It seems inevitable because of the amount of time devoted to it. Max always wanted to be a simple human from Roswell. Him questioning it plays more into his insecurity about Liz's affection. They can no longer waste any time doubting their feelings. It serves no purpose to be ambiguous in that regard. That can transfer to Isobel and Kyle as well. It's okay for Liz and Max to be solid as a couple for once. Plenty of dramatic stakes reside elsewhere. That comes from the impossible choice Liz has to make once Jones storms in. He has always operated with the certainty that someone was going to die in order to get what he wants. He doesn't really care who it is either. Those bonds are special to those trying to stop him. They throw themselves into harm's way in order to save as many lives as they can. Maria gets to Michael before his injuries become too severe. Of course, he may be too weakened to save the additional lives Jones places in danger. He is still ultimately too strong to be defeated. And now, Liz has given him exactly what he needs. Plus, he has the Lockhart machine for his own mysterious purpose. After all of that, he lets Kyle, Eduardo and Heath fall to their deaths. It's unlikely that they all perish. It's perfectly reasonable to assume that some will die though. That puts everything into dramatic and stark contrast. Kyle didn't get the chance to declare his feelings for Isobel. Heath was reluctant to see his best friend as he was potentially dying. And now, they may be the ones who have to deal with those fatal consequences. Everyone knows Jones is approaching. The lights flicker to announce his pending presence. He still feels like tormenting them despite getting what he wants. That victory is certain despite the various efforts to stop him. The finale will try to upset that. This conflict is bound to reverberate throughout the universe though. That's the extent of the threat Jones has always posed to the safety and stability of the entire world.