Monday, October 11, 2021

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Liz Must Make a Significant Choice in Order to Save Max's Life in 'Never Let You Go'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 3.13 "Never Let You Go"

The ultimate showdown with Jones is finally here and Liz must trust herself if she is going to save the man she loves.

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"Never Let You Go" was written by Christopher Hollier and directed by Lance Anderson

Max, Isobel and Michael successfully save Kyle, Eduardo and Heath. Their fates seemed grim in the conclusion of the previous episode. And now, they are each brought safely back to the edge. This season teased a deadly fate for its characters. It has had the potential to deliver that on numerous occasions. As such, the narrative is basically telling the audience that the characters have the powers and abilities to change that dire, extreme fate. It spells out that certainty only to buck it when it eventually arrives. Sure, this finale still ultimately builds to a deadly confrontation where a significant choice has to be made. However, Jones is the only person who falls at the end of this conflict. Now, his body can potentially be used to better advance the alien science. As such, enough reason for hope exists to build a more prosperous future. That's what so much of this finale wants to focus on anyway. Yes, the final confrontation with Jones is important. However, it's just as necessary for these characters to care for each other. They note the exhaustion they must each be facing. They need to recharge and strengthen their resources before time runs out. This is the day Max has to be saved. It's the only opportunity. They each worry about the future. They don't know what the final outcome will be. They don't want to leave anything unspoken. It's also scary to be honest about all of their fears. Max and Liz want to openly celebrate their love. They fear they won't have a future and came back together too late. Trusting each other allows them the peace and clarity required for what comes next. Similarly, Isobel can't wall herself off in pursuit of being strong above all else. She has to rely on others for strength as well. She isn't the only one experiencing tragedy and turmoil. Maria is risking a lot knowing that it could lead to a deteriorating condition just like her mother. The scientists still haven't found a way to save her life. That has been placed on the back burner. And yet, Maria has been willing to risk so much knowing that others will fight for her once this specific conflict is over. Isobel has become like a sister to her. They must nurture that relationship. It's worth building on it as well. Isobel has to open herself up in order to be resolute in battle. Meanwhile, Michael can't live in fear of his animosity towards his father trickling down to infect his relationship with Alex. They aren't the same people they were before. They are strong in their relationship despite never being in public. They can overcome any issue that arises. Moreover, Michael isn't the one who has to make that ultimate decision. He believes that he has to be the one to kill Jones. He is the only person strong enough to do it. The technology is built to send Jones back into his body. The protagonists can control his surroundings to prepare for his threat. They can only keep track of so many complications though. Jones presents as omnipresent. He is powerful and sees things clearly when others cannot. He can still be exploited and defeated. Sure, it's foolish for Eduardo to go out on his own to accomplish that mission. That never amounts to much. Nor is it all that satisfying for Kyle to be double checking the science to ensure it all goes right for Liz. It's mostly just the drama having fun at the expense of Max's body. He carries these injuries as his friends have to protect themselves against Jones. And then, Liz successfully deduces which identity is in which body. It's all based on a clue established earlier in the episode. The show lays that out a little too blatantly. It's obvious without having to be too consequential from the season up to this point. And yet, the final confrontation needed to play out in those terms. It needed to offer a clear and concise resolution. That would allow peace to play out in the various character developments. It's rewarding to see the couples embrace their lives together. Max gets to see Liz's bedroom. Michael and Alex hold hands down Main Street. Maria gets the night off. However, Isobel embracing Anatsa while Kyle silently yearns for her is too manufactured in service to a relationship that didn't really have the time to develop into something. That's annoying. But the show can quickly pivot to the delight of that final tease. The second season ended with a major reveal of a significant new character. This season appears to operate in the same way. First, a new alien emerges from their pod in Mexico. Then, they are brought to a woman who has warned about this. It points to Jones having actually done something with the Lockhart machine even though further explanation is still needed. Plus, it's exciting because of Shiri Appleby appearing as Liz's former professor who also has a connection to aliens. That's a fun nod to the history of the drama while creating something entirely new and exciting as well. The aliens can never get too comfortable. Some new presence is always primed to come disturb their lives. But they can embrace happiness as well. That simplicity is necessary. And now, Dallas can be welcomed into their lives too.