Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Development News - Robbie Magasiva, Andrew Creer and Tessa de Josselin to Headline HBO Max Drama Pilot 'Ke Nui Road'

Development News - November 9, 2021

HBO Max's Ke Nui Road.

  • Robbie Magasiva, Andrew Creer, Tessa de Josselin, Kekoa Scott Kekumano, Koa Tom, Rachel Ogechi Kanu, Z'aree Pu'ukani Loganbill, Ethan Rich and George Mason will star in the drama pilot written by Matt Kester.
  • Magasiva will play Sonny, a surfer, waterman and North Shore lifeguard captain with deep ties to his community, the surf world and his Hawaiian heritage.
  • Creer will play Will, a cocky, self-promoting young lifeguard from Newport Beach determined to move up the ranks and prove himself as a North Shore waterman.
  • De Josselin will play Jenn, one of the few female lifeguards on the North Shore - competitive, tough, a natural leader and one of the best lifesavers in dangerous surf.
  • Kekumano will play Laka, a fun-loving local boy from a big Hawaiian family, fearless in the ocean, never afraid of a good time.
  • Tom will play Kainalu, a local Hawaiian kid born with a once-in-a-generation surfing talent, hampered by circumstances but driven to show the world what he's made of.
  • Kanu will play Ruby, a recent arrival to the North Shore. She has come to Hawaii with her military family, crippled by grief and badly in need of healing and a friend.
  • Loganbill will play Mahina, the smart, fiercely independent, middle daughter from a working-class Hawaiian family fighting to remain on a North Shore that's becoming too expensive for the Hawaiians who've been there for generations.
  • Rich will play Kade, a brash young surfer born to action sports royalty who is groomed by his parents and the industry to surf stardom. A stardom he's no longer certain he wants.
  • Mason will play Paul, a surf team manager living free at the team house and responsible for coaching, mentoring and managing a team of teen surfers and professional surfers.