Wednesday, February 2, 2022

REVIEW: 'Batwoman' - Ryan and Jada Are Forced to Confront Harsh Realities After Marquis Gains New Allies in 'Broken Toys'

The CW's Batwoman - Episode 3.11 "Broken Toys"

Just when it seems things can't get worse... Batwoman's identity is once again at risk of being exposed, and some of Gotham's most villainous unite. Sophie joins Luke on a mission. Alice gets into Mary's head.

"Broken Toys" was written by Chad Fiveash, James Stoteraux & Natalie Abrams and directed by Camrus Johnson

Jada Jet is a vicious businesswoman. That has brought much respect and wealth to her life. She follows those same instincts when it comes to parenthood. And yet, she isn't afraid of anything in the business world. Meanwhile, she is terrified about so much as a mother. To protect herself, she had to eliminate any thoughts about what happened to Ryan from her head. She couldn't wonder about her life. She had to trust that the money she paid resulted in happiness. She trusted a system in Gotham. That may be incredibly naive and foolish. Jada convinced herself it was for the best. Picturing the best case scenario was more palatable than fearing the worst at every single moment. She was already struggling in trying to raise Marquis. She still believes one zap from the Joker's buzzer will cure her family of all its ills. Alice now operates under that belief too. She no longer wants to be a sociopath. She wants to walk away from this life as a villain. Her time with Mary has offered her a new perspective. One that was still very challenging. But it has fostered a loving bond too. Similarly, Ryan and Jada get to a better understanding after being held by a newly freed Victor Zsasz. Ryan's secret life as Batwoman is revealed. Her secret is safe with Jada. That shouldn't be taken as a certainty though. Jada has weaponized Batwoman to advance her own interests before. She only witnesses the failures of the masked vigilante in Gotham. And now, she knows it's her daughter. She is incredibly proud. But she also embraces the truth of realizing that having nothing to do with her forged her into the strongest person possible. She has only screwed Marquis up by giving him everything he ever needed. And now, he is the terrorizing threat on a rampage in Gotham. He is freeing the villains of Arkham because he writes a check. He exploits the failing infrastructure of this community. Money is seen as a savior for these institutions. It only offers more corruption because of the malicious intentions of those writing the checks. Marquis operates with such confidence and power. He no longer has to abide by the deal he has with his mother that keeps her safe. All it takes is destroying the evidence that reveals his role in his father's untimely death. That was tragic. Jada has never stopped fighting for her son. She believes the technology exists that can flip the switch in his brain that controls empathy. As Mary is finding out, she can't blame her actions on being infected by some corrupt disease. She is still responsible for a man's death. She can't justify that by buying into some false reality. Jada and Alice have already pursued that route. It has brought them nothing but heartache and pain. Mary wishes to be better. She must be a rational human being. This city wants to corrupt each person into being the most devious version of themselves. It's hard to break free from that influence. The Joker's inventor is lured back to the dark side so easily by Marquis. That presents him with a weapon that could be used on anyone. That buzzer has the potential to change the personality of anyone in the narrative. That makes it a perilous threat that looms over the proceedings. It comes at a moment when Ryan has to trust her team. They aren't damsels in need of her saving all the time. They can all handle themselves when they are confronted by Marquis' goons. They may lose the weapon. Marquis continues to accumulate power and influence. No lives are lost though. In fact, all of this affirms how Ryan actually feels about Sophie. She gets over this hurdle that has been standing in her way. She constantly worries and pushes people away fearing how their proximity to her will only hurt them. Sophie isn't that fragile. She has agency over her own life. She made a choice. She wants Ryan to be honest. She provides that. And so, Ryan and Sophie get together. It's a very sweet, sexy and tender moment. It's honestly perfect. Of course, not everything will be as simple as that moment. It's just nice they have that moment of peace as the circumstances of life in Gotham grow dire once more.