Thursday, February 3, 2022

REVIEW: 'Raised by Wolves' - The Collective Rallies Together Once a Massive Creature Disrupts Their Community in 'Seven'

HBO Max's Raised by Wolves - Episode 2.02 "Seven"

While the collective is tasked with hunting down the serpent, Mother is left to reconcile complicated emotions. Convinced that it will aid his cause, Marcus sets out to find the creature before the atheists do.

"Seven" was written by Jon Worley and directed by Ernest Dickerson

Mother and Father view the Collective as a perfect utopia. It's what they always dreamed of building for their children. It's a world free of religion. That was programmed into them as being one of the most crucial elements to starting life on a new planet. And now, they have to balance their expectations with the reality of this life. They are targeted as the creations of the Mithraic. They were reprogrammed and serve a different mission now. And yet, those basic impulses shade how others in this community see them. That even extends to the Trust. When Tamerlane is captured for burning the ground in front of the family's house, the Trust demands that Mother deliver the punishment. It's non-lethal and sanctioned violence. That's viewed as the justice system in this society. It's also about personal accountability. Tamerlane has to do more than just suffer this beating. He also has to apologize to the family and the community at large. He views all of this as the world taking away his free will. He isn't wrong in that regard. However, he escapes one cult only to run into the arms of another. He was punished for committing a hate crime against the symbols of the Mithraic only to be saved by Marcus, who is a true believer in Sol's blessings. Everyone views this grand prophecy as offering humanity the salvation and mission they need to achieve perfect balance and purpose. It's an illusive goal in their lives. It makes them feel invigorated when they believe they are on the righteous path. Decima feels warmth emitting from Marcus. He provides her with sanctuary and a place to belong. He brings her into a whole new world. Fundamentally though, he is still trying to manipulate his followers into doing what he wants. He trusts that Decima and Tamerlane will make the right decisions. He presents the options to them. He also lets them know exactly how he feels if he should fail in this righteous mission. Everything is pointing to him being the savior foretold in the Mithraic prophecy. Several people give themselves that identity. Paul falls in line with it as well. He too believes that he must seek out these answers that can lead his people to prosperity. The clues are all around them. They just have to be open to accepting them. They are the symbols that prove their faith and their commitment to it. It all has power because humanity gives it such. All of this may be meaningless in the end. And yet, mysteries exist on Kepler-22b. Civilization seems to have existed here before. It's seemingly based on the same concepts that built up the Mithraic. And so, Father is trying to reassemble an android body that was shattered into pieces and seems to be now growing organic material. Meanwhile, the community at large sees Seven, Mother's serpent baby, as a natural habitant of this climate. This place offers safety from the signal being broadcast that infiltrated the minds of the characters who lived elsewhere on the planet. That too buys into the concept that the tropical zone is the paradise everyone has long been searching for. It just so happens to be plagued by a vicious beast. Mother sees the importance of her being the one to kill it. She and Father tried to do so once. And now, their children's lives are in even more danger. Campion has a different perspective mostly because he cherishes all living things. He can even be distracted by an android in pain and in need of assistance. He is that generous with his spirit. He still betrays Paul. His steadfast faith can threaten the family too. Everyone is asked to choice what they believe and profess it for all to bear witness. It's overbearing and can be a lot. That pressure isn't conducive to a prosperous life. All of that is apparent even in a story that also features a flying serpent killing the people of the Collective. Seven makes its presence known. Its existence can no longer be hidden. The truth will probably come out no matter how hard Mother tries to cover it up and deflect her emotions. She is committed to her path. It's easier to destroy the skin that has been shed than it is to kill the child she obviously still has a physical connection to.