Friday, March 25, 2022

Development News - Jacqueline Obradors, Jon Beavers and Ruth Righi Board NBC's 'Unbroken'; Plus 2 More Updates!

Development News - March 25, 2022

CBS' Rust Belt News & Untitled Scott Prendergast; and NBC's Unbroken

  • Jacqueline Obradors, Jon Beavers and Ruth Righi have been cast as series regulars on the drama pilot starring Scott Bakula and Cress Williams. Obradors previously recurred on Amazon's Bosch. Beavers starred in the fifth season of TNT's Animal Kingdom. Righi starred for three seasons in Disney's Sydney to the Max.
  • Obradors will play Melanie Dominguez, the perceived trophy wife of 80-year-old Emilio Dominguez. She is in the midst of taking over the family's agricultural empire and isn't beyond playing dirty to take out everyone in her path.
  • Beavers will play Austin Epperling, the older and more outgoing sibling of a trust-funded brother duo running a local cannabis operation.
  • Righi will play Skyler Gentry, an independent, older-than-her-years young horsewoman who parents her mother as often as her mother parents her. At 15, she is already winning big on the rodeo circuit and while she has grown accustomed to the nomadic life she leads on the road with her mom, in her heart she yearns for a permanent home.
  • Rosa Arredondo and Tristen J. Winger are set as series regulars on the drama pilot starring Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin. Arredondo previously recurred on The CW's Roswell, New Mexico and NBC's Ordinary Joe. Winger starred for two seasons in BET+'s Bigger.
  • Arredondo will play Francey, Margaret's (Harden) efficient assistant. Able to make anything happen in any amount of time, she tends to both Margaret and Todd (Astin) in equal measure. She is often more affectionate with Todd than his own mother. Instinct tells her Margaret and Todd working together is good for them, even if it is a bit explosive and chaotic. Margaret and Francey have a secret that has bound them together for years.
  • Winger will play Lyle. Very high maintenance, difficult and always by-the-book, he is one of two in-house licensed investigators working in Margaret's law firm.
  • Rich Sommer, Lauren Lindsey Donzis, Jayma Mays, Bentley Green, Angel Laketa Moore and Bailey Gavulic will star in the comedy pilot written by Matt Warburton. Sommer previously starred for seven seasons in AMC's Mad Men and two seasons in The CW's In the Dark. Donzis starred in Netflix's one-season comedy No Good Nick and Peacock's one-season comedy Punky Brewster. Mays starred for three seasons in FOX's Glee, two seasons in CBS' The Millers and two seasons in NBC's Trial & Error. Green stars in AMC's upcoming drama 61st Street. Moore recurred on Netflix's Atypical. Gavulic recurred on AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.
  • Sommer will play Caleb, a jaded former journalist whose love of writing is reignited when he is recruited by Mack to help start an underground newspaper.
  • Donzis will play Mack, an ambitious high school journalist who dreams of leaving small town Ohio to be a big-time reporter in New York. But when her school mysteriously burns down, Mack decides to start a new, underground newspaper, with help from her school friends and a jaded ex-newspaper reporter.
  • Mays will play Rachel, a Mennonite mom, loving farm wife, city councilwoman and aspiring mayor, with a side job as Butterchurn Bae, the successful Instagram influencer. 
  • Green will play Lucas, an artistic genius and high school sophomore, who's forced to move from Manhattan to semi-rural Ohio when his mom decides to move home and run for mayor.
  • Moore will play Wendy. After circumstances force her to move with her rebellious teenage son from Manhattan back to Ohio, she becomes the unlikely first Black mayor of a rust belt town.
  • Gavulic will play Kelsey, Rachel's sarcastic teenage daughter who does her best to be the perfect Christian farm daughter at home, while sneaking out at night to meet boys, and hides a streak of purple hair under her bonnet.