Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Amazon Gives Series Order to Comedy 'The Sticky' Executive Produced by Jamie Lee Curtis

Amazon has today given a series order to the original comedy series The Sticky based on the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist, which saw more than $14 million of Quebec's national maple syrup reserves stolen a decade ago.

The comedy revolves around Ruth Clarke, a tough, supremely competent middle-aged Canadian maple syrup farmer who's had it with being hemmed in by the polite, bureaucratic conventions native to her country's identity. Especially now that that very bureaucracy is threatening to take away everything she loves: her farm, her comatose husband, and her right to manifest destiny. With the help of Remy Bouchard, a pint-sized local blockhead and an aging Mike Byrne, a low-level mobster, Ruth changes her fate - and transforms the future of her community with the theft of millions of dollars' worth of maple syrup.

Brian Donovan and Ed Herro created the series, with Jonathan Levine set to direct. They will executive produce with Jamie Lee Curtis, Kathryn Borel, Gillian Bohrer, Josée Vallée, Bruno Dubé, Jason Blum, Chris McCumber and Jeremy Gold. Blumhouse Television, Comet Pictures, Megamix and Sphere Media will produce.

"We are thrilled to be working with this incredible lineup of talent behind the scenes to bring this story to life," said Christina Wayne, Head of Canadian Originals, Amazon Studios. "The Amazon Studios team in Canada couldn't resist these characters and a story centered around delicious stolen goods is perfect for our Prime Video audience."