Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Amazon Announces Premiere Date for New Comedy 'The Lake' Starring Jordan Gavaris and Julia Stiles

Amazon has today announced the premiere date for its upcoming original comedy series The Lake starring Jordan Gavaris and Julia Stiles.

The entire first season will be available on Friday, June 17.

Justin (Gavaris) returns from living abroad after a break-up with his long-term partner, in the hopes of reconnecting with the biological daughter he gave up for adoption in his teens. His plans to create new memories with Billie at the idyllic lake from his childhood go awry when he finds out his father left the family cottage to his "picture-perfect" stepsister, Maisy-May (Stiles).

In addition to Gavaris and Stiles, the comedy stars Madison Shamoun, Jon Dore, Carolyn Scott, Natalie Lisinska, Travis Nelson, Declan Whaley and Terry Chen.

Julian Doucet created the comedy. He executive produces with Michael Souther and Teza Lawrence. Amazon Studios and Amaze produce.