Sunday, April 3, 2022

REVIEW: 'Killing Eve' - Eve and Helene's Missions Produce Some Significant Casualties in 'Oh Goodie, I'm the Winner'

BBC America's Killing Eve - Episode 4.06 "Oh Goodie, I'm the Winner"

Eve and Villanelle are reunited before they part to pursue their own missions, which leads Villanelle to another assassin in The Twelve. Eve moves closer to achieving her revenge mission. Carolyn is forced to face a ghost from her past if she has any hope of discovering who ordered Kenny's hit.

"Oh Goodie, I'm the Winner" was written by Kayleigh Llewellyn and directed by Emily Atef

Villanelle survives being shot with an arrow. That was expected. It was unlikely she would die three episodes before the end of the series. That moment was never about her as well. Instead, it was all about Eve's reaction to the possibility of Villanelle dying. Konstantin and Pam arrive to treat her injuries. It's relatively easy too. Villanelle is back to her normal self quickly thereafter. She is once more sneaking around determined to kill those who have used her for their own political gains. At this point, Villanelle and Carolyn don't particularly care about destroying The Twelve in its entirety. For Villanelle, Helene is the person who refuses to let her leave the organization. Once she started killing for them, she could never leave. She could never hope to change into something else. And so, killing Helene feels like the cathartic conclusion she needs. She was previously told about Gunn, an assassin Konstantin trained before her. Gunn similarly wanted Villanelle alive and Helene dead. Those reasons are mysterious for now. The two assassins come together in the end. Meanwhile, Pam successfully completes her first mission. She too questions the orders given to her. It's exciting and thrilling in the moment. She enjoys killing. Konstantin helps her navigate this increasingly chaotic world. It's full of so many demands without the promise of offering any explanations. The audience should feel the same way. Not much with the Twelve will ultimately come across as satisfying. And yet, the characters have been devoted to destroying the organization for the entire run of the series. More has certainly been revealed. Lives have been lost along the way. People have had to walk away from this mission because the risks were far too extreme. Eve can never let go. Villanelle and Carolyn are only after specific information. Helene is as well. She wants to know who Lars' boss is. She knows he's not the head of this organization even though he was one of the founding members. Carolyn tells Eve that she was never seriously associated with the Twelve. She was tasked with infiltrating a revolutionary group intent on disrupting society. She completed a mission while also exploiting it to her personal benefit. And now, everyone is running around with shifting alliances. The audience can expect all of that to shift even more in the two remaining episodes. Nothing can ever be stable for too long. That places an increased priority on the plot. And so, critical characters are killed off. However, it never feels like the work is done. It's just one more layer to The Twelve that will now make way for whomever comes in to fill the void.

Eve and Helene raced to see who could find Lars first. Carolyn was the true victor. She could mine through her past to figure out where he was in Berlin. She wants to know who ordered Kenny's murder. She knows Lars has that information. She doesn't believe he ordered the hit for vengeance against Carolyn for leaving him for dead. Lars is killed before he can provide Carolyn with an answer. And so, her journey with the Twelve isn't done yet. She must continue. She will have to continue working sources in the hopes of getting what she preciously wants. It's a vicious cycle. One that prevents her from escape. She can never leave these dynamics that have defined her life for so long. It's been isolating. She wanted to protect her children. That left them mostly feeling distant from her. She can never provide what others needed from her. Nor can she convince Eve that she has been truthful from the very beginning. Eve feels betrayed. She has been fooled by Carolyn too many times. It's not worth listening to her now. Eve kills Lars. She knew this mission to destroy the Twelve could end deadly. Eve survives. All this build up leads to her achieving what she perceived as her personal goal. But again, it comes at a cost. Eve is incredibly empathetic to Villanelle. Getting her arrested didn't provide the comfort she thought it would. Instead, these two are probably better off on their separate journeys. They continue to clash though. Eve remains close with Helene to stay on track with her mission. That makes her present when Villanelle kills the woman trying to impose more control over the entire operation. Helene yearned for more. She sees so many people as idiots and not deserving the fruits of her labor. She wants to be in command. She doesn't know the full scope of the organization. She never receives that clarity. Villanelle doesn't go off with Eve to continue that exploration either. Eve is determined and even has to ask Yusuf why this means so much to her. He can remind her of Bill and Kenny's deaths. Those were tragic moments. It leads to Eve becoming the killer. But again, that doesn't change anything. It's a visceral moment with very little immediate payoff and resolve. More killers are still being trained. More hits are ordered and carried out. Helene still plots for the future. Eve can't let her guard down. Neither can Villanelle even though she seeks out the comfort of someone new altogether. Peace remains elusive for all of these characters. The best they can hope for is to avoid death for as long as possible.