Thursday, May 5, 2022

REVIEW: 'Girls5Eva' - The Group Must Decide What Their Limits Are When Trying to Obtain Some Buzz in 'Who U Know'

Peacock's Girls5Eva - Episode 2.03 "Who U Know"

The women try to get heat by guest starring in Stinker's latest music video. Dawn has doubts about her son entering the business. Wickie assumes the role of Girls5Eva's publicist. Summer pushes Gloria to flirt.

"Who U Know" was written by Liz Cackowski & Azie Dungey and directed by Brennan Shroff

Girls5Eva regained relevance after Lil Stinker sampled their old hit on his new rap. He has graciously allowed them to share the spotlight. Their attempts for success don't come at the expense of his career. He isn't mad when they steal focus. And yet, their career can't be built entirely around him lifting them up. They are grateful for what he has done. His song inspired them to become a girl group once more. They are in different places in their lives now though. As such, their musicality comes from a different place. Dawn tries her best to write what she knows. However, the group may have already lost their momentum. They were running high following their Jingle Ball performance. They stole the spot from Stinker. He didn't care. He loved seeing them go after what they wanted. It had no impact on his career whatsoever. He is still capable of bringing together a star-studded music video. Girls5Eva wants in on that event. They see that as being able to gain followers again. When they go live on Instagram to tease their new music, no one is watching. That's such a clear and concise joke to start the episode. The group is putting in all this effort. It's largely going unnoticed. The grind has become overbearing. They are committed to the cause. They are willing to take whatever time is needed to make it a success. The industry may not reward such patience. It has already moved on to the next big thing. Moreover, Lil Stinker isn't always guaranteed success. He has connections. He has a skilled team meant to further prop up this image. And yet, he was recently cancelled after driving drunk and crashing into gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery. That's horrific. It explains why it's relatively easy for Wickie to negotiate the group into more and more scenes. All the countless celebrities meant to appear keep dropping out. Girls5Eva only sees how it can potentially benefit themselves. They aren't content to simply be background extras in one scene. They want to take center stage. They deserve that. Everyone follows Wickie's impulses. Stinker enjoys the boldness of it all too. He rewards it. Of course, that behavior doesn't always come across as healthy and productive. The group is allowed on set for a long time. They are upgraded to a lush green room. They are unknowingly helping Stinker out of a bind. Even then, this video can't be produced in its entirety. The story is simply becoming too widespread to continue putting the effort into it. That's disappointing for the group. However, they appreciate having access to the space to film as much future content as they want to promote themselves while looking absolutely stunning and fabulous.

Girls5Eva is committed to all of this though. They will accept whatever life has to throw their way. However, they aren't always clear with their desires elsewhere. It's difficult especially when it comes to personal relationships. Dawn doesn't feel comfortable also making Max pursue a career in the industry. Stinker sees the toddler as a miniature of himself. That has to be included in this video. Dawn worries about taking her son to set. She can't look after him as much as she would want. Nothing bad happens. He's protected everywhere he goes. He doesn't endure the same torment the women faced when they were young performers in the industry. A lot has changed and evolved over the years. Dawn still wants a quiet and normal life for Max. She wants him to better emulate Scott. That's an equally happy and fulfilling life. In fact, that's what she projects onto the situation when Max can't perform the routine on camera. She sees his innocence being preserved. Plus, he can remain on track to the future she wants for him. Of course, she has to reckon with her own ego in the process. It's ultimately up to Max to decide his identity and place in the world. Dawn simply has to love and accept him no matter what. That may be a conversation far off in the future. Right now, Dawn is relieved. She doesn't have to worry. She is still a good mother despite her focusing on her own career. Elsewhere, Summer wants Gloria to move on from her divorce. She wants her friend to actually follow her own advice. Gloria has constantly been telling Summer she deserved better than a lifeless marriage with Kev. Summer followed that advice. It's been painful. She doesn't know what she will find on the other side. However, she listened to Gloria. And now, Gloria is making the same exact mistakes. She obsesses over Caroline at the expense of everything else of value. She needs to be accessible whenever Caroline pops up once more. Gloria will drop everything just to fix a cap on Caroline's tooth. On set, Gloria can't provide that comfort. She has to live in the moment and focus on the job at hand. Summer sees it as the opportunity for Gloria to work on how she flirts. So much greatness may be out there waiting for her. She is cutting herself off from embracing that potential because she remains fixated on what was lost. Gloria succeeds in that endeavor. It's charming to see how bad she is at flirting. But she ultimately pivots right back to Caroline. She wants Summer to respect her wishes despite how hypocritical they are. Summer is more than willing to agree. This may verge on repetitive storytelling a little bit. However, the performances remain committed and funny.