Monday, June 13, 2022

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Several Couples Must Remain Grounded to Address the Newly Arrived Alien Threats in 'Fly'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 4.02 "Fly"

A visitor connected to Liz's past comes bearing gifts. Anatsa digs in on a story about the bank heists, angering Max and putting Kyle and Isobel in a difficult position.

"Fly" was written by Christopher Hollier and directed by Lance Anderson

The romantic couples always promise to return to each other. Their bond can withstand any obstacle that stands in their way. That includes threats from dangerous aliens. It's also something as simple as distance. It's so heartwarming when Michael embraces his love for Alex completely. He didn't want to give away the console. He feared what someone else would do to it even though Alex would lead with such careful consideration. He knows how much Michael loves this piece of alien technology. It has long been his dream to fly away back to his home world. He has also finally made a home with Alex on Earth. That's special too. He continues to hold onto the dream that kept him grounded for so many years. He trusts Alex completely. It's still a major decision he has to make. It can provide more insight into what is going on with the new threat. The local environment was disrupted. Liz can offer an easy explanation for what happened. It's basic Earth science. It doesn't indicate any major issue. The audience knows that's not true though. It doesn't matter how excited Liz is to show her students what happened up in the sky. Max can't deliver a satisfying answer to the public either. It's not exciting to have theories debunked and dismissed. That's especially true when the answer is much more complicated. Max and Cameron know the banks were robbed for a reason. The base of a lamp appears to be the only thing taken. That's all Bonnie and Clyde cared about. It allowed them to unlock whatever power this new trio needed to wield. It's still dangerous for them. Of course, they also want to have fun exploring this new landscape. They are given the chance to embrace freedom that has never been available to them. They are loyal to whatever mission Jones has laid out. His message was successfully transmitted. Max is still confused with Jones. He has to assume that persona once more. He hasn't escaped it. He can't continue living his own independent life. A new threat is always coming. It's one that projects a lot of meaning onto him. Max doesn't strive to be seen only as a clone. He is weighed down by the importance and responsibility of his power. He has to protect this community. He still gets lost along the way. That's what makes it comforting when these characters can rely on each other. So much of that is supported in a romantic context. Michael and Alex will always find a way back to each other. They are drawn together. That's a bond that can never be broken even though Alex is quickly overtaken by the third powerful alien in this scheme. That's devastating and may ensure another season of drama for this couple.

Liz seeks balance though. It remains elusive for her. It means she places her trust in Shivani, Allie's wife. The narrative already suggested that Liz's mentor would be entering her world once more. It doesn't appear as if Shivani's introduction is connected to that mystery at all. Allie was introduced. The narrative has seemingly moved on from her. She gets to remain elusive because she's chasing some mystery. She can't be of service to those who need her support. Instead, Liz seeks comfort from a mentor figure who seems to have her life figured out. It's not without its problems. However, she has achieved balance. Some threat is always going to loom. Some discovery will always have to be made. It simply must be a priority for people to walk away and accept what else matters in life. For Liz, that's Max. They support each other no matter what. They need each other in order to remain grounded. When they can achieve that, then it's impossible to ever defeat them. Their bond is so loving and trusting that Jones was no match for them. As such, it's a little silly for Liz to have doubts now. That seems formulated in order to cause drama for the couple. It doesn't linger too long. It's not meant to be destructive either. It's all about achieving balance. They are hardly the only characters who want that either. They can't all make the same choices. Nor can they tell each other what to do. Kyle knows Anatsa's investigation puts her in danger. The existence of aliens could be exposed. Isobel hasn't come out to her just yet. That would be the smart thing to do. It would open Anatsa's world to more possibilities. She could be in on the secret and understand why some people have to be quiet about crucial details. Instead, Isobel decides to influence Anatsa's mind. She professes how she hates having to do this to someone she loves. That doesn't stop her though. This presents as the only solution she can think of to stop Anatsa from continuing. She was so close to identifying one of the robbers. And then, she was interrupted. As such, no one knows what Graham truly knew. His information was passed on and the ensemble had to direct their attention elsewhere. Anatsa's instincts should be supported. Instead, she is turned away. That will inevitably destroy this relationship. Isobel can't even seek solace in Kyle. He has moved on. He has embraced something new. It's sudden. But it's him accepting happiness once more without having to wait around. He's no longer torturing himself. Instead, that title passes onto Isobel. She wants to protect Anatsa. This simply wasn't the best thing she could have done. It's controlling in a way that will destroy their relationship for good once it's inevitably discovered.