Thursday, July 28, 2022

REVIEW: 'The Resort' - Emma and Noah Search for Clues in the Abandoned Resort as Sam and Violet Flirt in 'Tempus Exhaurire'

Peacock's The Resort - Episode 1.03 "Tempus Exhaurire"

Emma and Noah find secrets of the old resort. In the past, sparks fly between Sam and Violet.

"Tempus Exhaurire" was written by Vivian Barnes and directed by Ben Sinclair

How far will you go for love? Noah will do so much for Emma because he loves her. They break into the abandoned resort in order to find the room where Sam and Violet took a picture. They need to confirm the suspicion that Baltasar had a lethal run-in with the teenagers. In actuality, the three of them were hitting the dance floor at an employee holiday party. Everyone was in awe of Baltasar's moves. Meanwhile, Sam and Violet were distracted trying to retrieve the key to unlock access to the penthouse. That's where Sam's skateboard ultimately ended up. That's where an eccentric and crazy Santa lives. Mostly, these two are simply teenagers trying to have a good time. They are awkward because they don't quite know how to talk about their emotions. Sam wants Violet to know he isn't a terrible person because he's abandoning his girlfriend to spend time with her. He details the backstory of how he needs to break up with her but doesn't know how. Moreover, Sam and Violet realize they live far apart from one another. He's in San Diego while she's in Detroit. Their time at the resort may be all they have. Violet views their plans as a date. They have a fun banter going on too. Emma and Noah question what the text about a yellow snake with four noses could mean. They see it as a warning for pending danger. It was actually Violet teasing Sam. They were told to be weary of crossing anyone from the Frías family. As such, it was daunting when Baltasar stares at Sam as he refills drinks. It could all be inferred as Baltasar not recognizing Sam when this is suppose to be a celebration for the people who live and work at the resort. It can also be quite intimidating. That's how the stakes have been built. And yet, the story never confirms that Sam and Violet fear Baltasar. They don't view him as the person who represents danger. Instead, they are off on a silly adventure. Retrieving a skateboard is the most important thing in the world. It's meaningful to Sam. It forges a connection. They act on their romantic attraction too. Of course, they are interrupted while in the penthouse. That reveals just how weird this one person is. However, the narrative doesn't confirm who is up there with them. That mystery will be revealed at a later time. Instead, all of this is happening in parallel to Noah and Emma. They are physically in the same space. They strive to understand what happened to these teenagers. Emma finds exactly where the picture of them was taken. That was the whole point of this adventure. The couple have to risk their lives in order to receive that satisfaction. They climb an empty elevator shaft. They are holding on for dear life. It's insane and makes Noah question the stability of this relationship.

Noah wants Emma to be open and honest with her feelings. He won't let her deflect after realizing one of her teeth has fallen out. She claims it's not a big deal. She isn't in any pain. It's simply something that happened. It didn't need to undercut the happy and exciting mood they were in at the pool. However, it is a big deal. It suggests Emma is avoiding the warning signs that something is physically wrong with her. She is careless with her body. Noah wants her to be more concerned. This mystery isn't worth all the danger they are placing themselves in. No one knows they have snuck into this building. If something happens to them, then they may not receive any care they need to overcome it. Noah can't risk losing his wife. Emma has already thought about that premise. She has forgotten that idea because she's been distracted with the mystery. And then, Baltasar invades their lives. They assume he is responsible for what happened 15 years ago. The narrative has continually shown him dramatically interrupting this new investigation. He is seen with quite a lot of power. He has his own passions. He knows more than what he's ever shared about the past. That doesn't immediately make him guilty. Emma reacts as if he is. She's not afraid to confront him. She aims to fight back against the man who has been stalking her. She has to go on the offensive because that's the only way to preserve the newfound purpose she has discovered. Just as all hope is taken away from her, she receives a new beam of light. The phone vibrates from an incoming call. That shouldn't be possible. Anyone who had hope would more than likely have given up years ago. That may not be true in the slightest. Murray was already depressed because his wife died and his daughter doesn't want to spend any time with him. She wants to explore the world herself. She doesn't want to be burdened with the reminders of the past. When faced with death, she can only think about her mother. She cherishes what was left behind for her. That showcases her capacity for love. Murray still feels all alone on the holiday. He's been abandoned and the staff takes pity on him. The central stories provide this intimate look into two couples. Emma and Noah have been together for a decade. Sam and Violet just met. Their connections are more consequential than anything else. However, they aren't the only people who exist in this world. Plus, they have other connections that are worth exploring. Instead, they decide to pursue what seems the most meaningful right now. That tunnel vision drives each of them forward. They make progress with their ultimate goals. It can all still come at a great cost. Sam and Violet's families will spend years mourning their disappearances. Meanwhile, Noah dreads his marriage needing therapy in order to survive all that Emma is making them do on this vacation.