Sunday, August 7, 2022

REVIEW: 'Evil' - Grace Provides Clarity to Kristen as a Mother While Kurt Receives Feedback on His Novel in 'The Demon of Money'

Paramount+'s Evil - Episode 3.09 "The Demon of Money"

The team investigates claims that a demon has been stalking people who have invested in a stock tip. The Entity asks for David's help in transitioning Grace Ling back.

"The Demon of Money" was written by Nialla LeBouef and directed by Yap Fong Yee

Kristen sits on Kurt's couch for a therapy session. It's a very familiar scene. However, it's been a long time since the two of them sat down like this. It's not because Kristen no longer sees the benefits of therapy. Kurt took time away from seeing patients in order to write his novel. He still isn't finished. This sequence now shows how the status quo has altered. Kurt is still capable of providing solid advice. Kristen is still plagued by cruel thoughts. She wants others to suffer in order to protect her family. It only crosses the line when she puts these thoughts into action. Kurt doesn't believe she wants to do that. He trusts her completely. In fact, he wants her to validate the book he has been writing. He believes her opinion will inform whether or not he can continue down this path. His soul has been corrupted by Leland's influence. That has all happened rather quickly. When Kristen sits down to see her therapist's work, it's completely illegible. That too showcases how the purpose of this corruption wasn't Kurt himself. It was all working towards some larger goal. It's not to craft the next great American novel. That's what Kurt wants to achieve. It's only in seeing the value of this project that he surrenders his life to demonic influences. Those are harming his body. Hearing praises from Kristen's children is all he needs to pledge himself fully. They want the next chapter as soon as possible. They could read the story while holding the pages up to the mirror. It even reflects the lives they live. It's personal to them. As such, they are obsessed. To them, it's just a story. It may have much scarier repercussions. Nothing can be seen as trivial in this world. Everything has to have some purpose. Because the focus remains on the novel, Kurt doesn't understand the severity of the actions Kristen will now take. The accessors examine a case where sudden wealth seemingly leads to a demon coming forth to stalk them to death. It's not a parable about the immorality of how people obtain their money in today's society. Instead, it's all about the ways in which we communicate these ambitions. It's through the story being shared that gives the demon its power. It haunts people simply because they were provided this tip of where to invest. The accessors aren't stock traders. They don't invest. They must indulge in that behavior to get to the bottom of this case. One man dies because he's incapable of returning everything he bought with his newfound gains. That was the apparent solution for a moment. But it's mostly passing this torture onto someone new. Kristen takes the responsibility of the message not because she can handle the pressure. She simply wants to inflict harm on someone who continues to exert a toxic influence over her family. She wants to move beyond her viral video stardom. The world prevents her from doing so. And so, that's apparently enough explanation for how to inflict certain harm onto the man she has already assaulted.

Kristen and Ben are suppose to be the non-believers. They don't immediately go to the supernatural as causing these unexplainable phenomena. That's what David is suppose to offer the team. He sees the presence of demons and angels as very real. Ben knows an explanation can always be found. Rational minds have to prevail. That still requires him to have the time to actually research and present his case. People are getting hurt in the meantime. Ben can't let that outcome destroy his family. He and David are in the dark about what Kristen does. She is still perceived as a good mother. So long as she protects her daughters, they will do what's right in the world. She was warned about Lexis being groomed to take over one of the demonic families. She has expressed her concerns about Lexis' behavior. She is troubled by what has happened. So much of the world is being forced out of her control. She can't restore that balance. Instead, she has to find comfort in someone who can offer certainty. That's rare. Grace Ling has that power though. The church lifts her up as a prophet. She can see the future and warn people about what's to come. The Entity was very determined to free her from confinement in China. They have now succeeded. They are desperate for as many answers from her as possible. In fact, they infantilize her. They seek to keep her entertained with inflatable objects. They want to be in charge of absolutely everything she does. It's a huge risk for her to be free to roam the world. She could be targeted at any moment. Of course, the church can only offer so much protection. Evil forces will get to her no matter what because they are determined. She can threaten to reveal their devious plans. Grace knew Laura's heart condition would heal on its own. She also offers the exact date Andy will return home. She loves being around children. They inspire more visions. That's productive for the church as its leaders try to fill in the gaps of their knowledge. It's immensely personal for the Bouchard family. All it takes is one interaction for Grace to understand the full complexity of Sheryl's pain and complicity. She deserves understanding for her actions. That doesn't amount to forgiveness for what's about to come either. Sheryl and Leland are the reason why Andy may never return. Kristen is lifted up as the ideal of strength and protection. She doesn't have all the answers. Everything is certainly coming to a head though. Leland invades the church intent on killing anyone who stands in his way. That includes Grace's security detail as well as Monseigneur Korecki. In that moment, the Monseigneur isn't worried about the mysteries of the church and understanding what all of this means. He simply wants the world to know that he loved Father Ignatius. That bond should inform so much more than the ongoing war against evil. The Monseigneur gives his life to protect another. It's a noble action. It's still absolutely horrifying. It signals yet another escalation in the conflict determined to reset the balance of the entire world.