Thursday, August 4, 2022

REVIEW: 'Harley Quinn' - Harley and Ivy Get Intimate With Gotham's Elite to Find a Missing Friend in 'A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy'

HBO Max's Harley Quinn - Episode 3.04 "A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy"

When Frank goes missing, Harley and Ivy follow clues that lead them to a highly unconventional party alongside Gotham's elite, including Commissioner Gordon - who is hungry for campaign donations. 

"A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy" was written by Tom Hyndman and directed by Juan Meza-Leon

Ivy is on a very specific mission. She can't let anything distract her. She's also incredibly non-confrontational. She doesn't want to tell Harley that she has been annoying. Ivy has to focus on her work. Meanwhile, Harley is making lots of noise with King Shark and Clayface as a band or talking up how magnificent Catwoman's Japanese toilet is. It shouldn't take too much for Ivy to express how she feels. Nor should the truth be destined to break this relationship up. That's the severity they approach the situation though. Ivy fears any criticism of their bliss and happiness will ruin everything. Instead, she blames it all on Catwoman. She serves as a convenient scapegoat. She has all the resources to be monitoring what's going on in her apartment while she's not there. It's mostly just the limitations Ivy wants to put in place to finish the job. She eventually does just that. Previously, her serum to terraform Gotham was too combustive. And yet, it still altered Frank. He can suddenly levitate. He actually has the power to pollinate the city and help achieve Ivy's grand ambitions. It simply needs to be amplified. Right now, he could only cover a small corner of the city. Ivy has her eyes set on all of it. She is so close to achieving what she has always wanted. It can't come at the expense of her relationship though. That bond with Harley is more true than anyone either of them have ever experienced in their lives. As such, they shouldn't run away from it when things get tough. It would be so insane to act as if they don't have issues. They choose to forget the past because they know it will only make the other person feel miserable. That's not genuine though. It proves they aren't living in complete honesty. Ivy has to reflect on how her feelings for Catwoman not being reciprocated make her feel more secure in her love for Harley. Initially, that revelation is a big betrayal. Harley learns that Ivy and Catwoman used to hook up. That shouldn't be surprising given how much Ivy has idolized Catwoman. They have become more like peers over the course of the series. Catwoman still positions herself as an anti-hero who can walk between the worlds of heroes and villains. She would rather spend time with Batman. However, she loves stirring the pot and watching it explode as well. It doesn't take much for Harley to go off either. Everyone should know that at this point. Ivy and Catwoman could be upset over Harley destroying the cameras. That means they are clueless as to who abducted Frank. Someone is trying to steal Ivy's evil plan after she put in all the work developing the crucial science. That mystery goes unresolved. Ivy and Harley don't find the villain with a mole on their butt. Instead, they have a conversation about how life has prepared them for this relationship. They are now ready to accept that in all of its complexities.

It's even more hilarious that this conversation happens in the midst of an epic orgy amongst the Gotham elite. It's apparently a weekly occurrence as well. The Joker used to be a member of this club. As such, he can provide easy access to Harley and Ivy when they track Frank's abductor to the group. The Joker left because it increasingly became a bunch of old, white men jerking each other off. That's not a euphemism either. It certainly could have been assumed as such. It's not like these influential people are doing anything to make Gotham a better place to live. It's all about their own personal satisfaction. Some villains are even invited to the group. Of course, it doesn't offer Bane any satisfaction. That continues to be denied him. He's still enraged about Ivy refusing to return the pasta maker. That has quickly proven to be the best recurring joke of the season. He sees it as this epic betrayal that goes against all common decency. It's what he goes to therapy to talk about. It informs all of his actions with Harley and Ivy now. They refuse to return it to him. It's the only lingering effect from Ivy and Kite Man's wedding that is still relevant. Everyone else has moved on. That has been impossible for Bane. He won't be satisfied until order is restored. That's how he views the world at the moment. It's then equally as funny when Commissioner Gordon pulls a Velma from Scooby-Doo. He's suddenly blind without his glasses at this event. The bulkiness of his mask makes it impossible for him to function. It leaves him always fiddling with his eyewear. When the lights go off, it's even more difficult as the flashlight from his phone keeps being kicked around the room. The audience can see every detail happening in this place. Gordon continues to be blind to it all. He doesn't even realize he has recorded compromising videos of these people. Two-Face is immediately excited over the prospect of blackmail. The campaign will be swimming in money shortly. That was the whole reason why Gordon went to this event. He needed to fundraise because the incumbent mayor is still beating him in the polls. He wasn't killed earlier. He's simply in a coma. That proves how unpopular Gordon still is in this city despite how much he cares about protecting it. That dichotomy is enraging to him. He can't abide by the ideals that a deceit platform will win over support. That's not what this city respects. It's all about the money. Only that can overcome the various threats that seemingly plunge this place into destruction every week. Harley and Ivy haven't found Frank. Instead, he's strapped to a table powerless to do anything else. Harley and Ivy have the potential to act with urgency. They can focus on the mission when it's important. Their relationship simply takes priority. That hasn't changed the natural rhythms of the show. In fact, it has only enhanced everything further.