Sunday, August 7, 2022

REVIEW: 'P-Valley' - The Pynk Reopens on the Night the Mayoral Election Results Are Expected to Be Announced in 'Snow'

Starz's P-Valley - Episode 2.09 "Snow"

The Pynk family shows up and shows out, giving folks a night they won't ever forget.

"Snow" was written by Katori Hall and directed by Jenée LaMarque

It may be time for Uncle Clifford and Mercedes to find new dreams to pursue. The sale of The Pynk seems likely. The grand re-re-re-re-opening doesn't matter. Hailey has already made up her mind. It all depends on the outcome of the mayoral election. All paths seemingly lead to the transformation of Chucalissa. The citizens who make up The Pynk aren't going to enjoy that prosperity. It's all about moving on to the next thing. They can potentially find happiness that way. All of this is perceived as people stealing power away from others. Big L labels that as the reason why Uncle Clifford has lost so much. He views her as the person others walk all over. Uncle Clifford is more than capable of expressing her opinion and fighting for what matters. She also requires people to respect her rules. She still has a position of power. That matters less than it once did. Instead, new dancers came in and brought sex work with them. Meanwhile, Big L and Duffy have been running drugs through the club. Everyone is out for their own self-preservation. They have to do whatever it takes to grab ahold of prosperity for themselves. It's the only way they know how to survive. They can't worry about what might happen. They had to embrace the present and the dangers thrown at them. Mercedes seeks to exert her dominance once more. And yet, she is no longer the draw for the club. A shoulder injury was all it took to completely derail this aspect of her life. That doesn't mean her life is over. In fact, her strength is still mesmerizing and beautiful to behold. Farrah found her love for photography again upon seeing Mercedes perform. In turn, Mercedes saw her art from a new angle. It's much less about bringing forth the sexual response at the club. It's the display of physical prowess. Mercedes had to shift her weight. She needed to rely on her weaker side. Even in doing that, people marvel at what she is capable of doing. That's the true nature of this performance. She sees Keyshawn onstage going harder than ever before. She knows it's the performance someone does for the last time. Keyshawn plans on leaving after this night. It's her opportunity to escape Derrick. She's going to take it. She needs to do what's best for her children. She has a powerful ally in Hailey, who is also trying to secure a better future. All those plans are meaningless if the people are too blind to the beauty of the present. Mercedes can infer so much from Keyshawn's performance. It has weight for her personal life. But it's also beautiful to watch. She is doing what she does best. She is celebrated and loved for it. This is still the end. She's moving on to a new life. One that's potentially better even though it will barely resemble what she currently has.

So much is left up in the air over the course of this night. The election results haven't even come in yet. That hardly matters too. It's all about the personal fallout as these characters chase their goals. Clifford realizes life is short. She receives a call from the hospital with grim news. She doesn't want to hold Lil Murda back. He is capable of some magnificent heights with his music. He gets to collaborate with Tina Snow, one of the biggest rappers at the moment. His life has upward trajectory. Playing house with Clifford is nice. That can't be the limited life they accept forever. They both deserve more. And yet, problems and animosity continually follow Murda. The rival crew are eager to exact vengeance for him killing one of their own. That's how he saw the importance of flexing power. He needed to do so. It's a matter of respect. Clifford is equally willing to help him cover up a murder. Murda needed Clifford's support for a different moment altogether. That revealed his actual truth. Everything else is some elaborate show. It's the persona he puts on to succeed in this business. He's shamed for who he truly is. He loves Clifford. He can't give her everything she wants. This relationship may not last beyond a brief time together. Whenever Murda is at the club, something goes wrong. Clifford wants her business to succeed. That seems impossible because too many people are plotting for her failure. The passion and momentum doesn't seem on her side. She still has powerful allies. Corbin returns to the club to show his gratitude. He wants to be sexually dominated. His kink is being flogged just like his ancestors were. It doesn't even matter that he bleeds through his shirt. Anything is possible at The Pynk. It can so easily be covered up elsewhere. And yet, The Pynk comprises so much of Chucalissa. It's long been seen as the lifeblood of this community. Some want to avert their eyes to what happens there. Clifford even wants to flex some moral superiority. Nothing can fundamentally change because so many are betting on future prosperity. Patrice can't drop out of the race because she believes her own hype. Andre can't be embarrassed by a shameful past. He actually has to embrace the city for what it truly is. That's his way of connecting and making his vision more clear. He's planting down roots when Hailey wants to leave. That fate seems impossible as well. She's pregnant and caught by Andre's wife as his mistress. This place calls for her too. She negotiates for the best deal possible. The Pynk may disappear in favor of something perceived to be better. That remains one big unknown. People can't analyze the results because they are too busy trying to find some meaning during this turbulent time. Everything else is a distraction. They've fallen in love with the appeal and excitement of these choices. They can't back down now. Some receive that dignity and grace. Others are caught in the heat of the moment unable to deny how passionate they actually are about these significant changes.