Sunday, October 23, 2022

REVIEW: 'Interview With the Vampire' - Claudia Shares Her Outlook in 'The Ruthless Pursuit of Blood With All a Child's Demanding'

AMC's Interview With the Vampire - Episode 1.04 "The Ruthless Pursuit of Blood With All a Child's Demanding"

Claudia's transformation into a vampire teen completely changes Louis and Lestat's lives. As Claudia asks more questions, Louis and Lestat are forced to confront questions about making a teen vampire. Claudia learns dark realities of her new life.

"The Ruthless Pursuit of Blood With All a Child's Demanding" was written by Eleanor Burgess and directed by Keith Powell

Claudia is a cackling ball of energy who enlivens the narrative once more. She breaks the storytelling out of its monotonous pattern. That was becoming more apparent as the show was fixated on Louis and Lestat. They too once cackled with that powerful and intoxicating energy. However, the show needed to throw Claudia into the mix in order to shake up the dynamics. It's an action Louis takes in the hopes of making this family work in a new way. It is no longer him and Lestat against the world. They have now welcomed a third person into their midst. They are a family with two parents and a daughter. It's a significant change in perspective. That's accomplished not only in the family dynamic but in the way the story is told. It's not Louis detailing events to Molloy. Instead, it's the journalist reading directly from the diaries Claudia kept. He must handle these possessions with care. And yet, they are available to him. Sure, the story is still being laid out to him the way Louis wants it. Molloy can only understand the story when it's laid out linearly. The first diary he picks up notes a trip to Paris at some point. However, time is better spent elsewhere. Claudia's transformation into a vampire allows Louis to focus his attention on the family he has created. Claudia shares instincts with both of her paternal figures. She is just as extravagant and skilled a killer as Lestat is. And yet, she sees the world from a similar perspective to Louis. Of course, her struggles are uniquely her own. Louis loves to explain away Lestat's cryptic past as him forgetting what it means to be human. He told his vampire creations to forgo any human connections. They now exist in a world beyond those limitations. They can do whatever they want. They are only stopped by the sunlight. Louis and Claudia are still newcomers to this world. Louis has a bit more experience. He knows he would rather feed on animals than kill humans. He has learned how to calm his urges. He desperately hopes Claudia will make the same choice. She is the light in his life now. She has replaced Lestat. He cares about her well-being. She is a ball of energy. She's also a teenager trying to make sense of the world. She maintains a dark sense of humor throughout all the struggles she has endured. She saw Louis as her angel when he rescued her from the burning building. Lestat was also an angel for saving her life. And then, she kills a cop who calls her out as the devil. She is reborn as an angel herself in Charlie's eyes. That moment is fleeting because she can't resist the urge to kill him when she desires so much more from life. Everything has changed. And yet, she is destined to stay precisely the same.

Louis still has a family with ongoing concerns he must deal with from time to time. Claudia didn't know that until his mother dies and their family attends her wake. They aren't welcomed at the funeral. They may not even be able to attend. This connection to the human world once mattered to Louis. But now, he dismisses it all. He was once ashamed at the monstrosity he brought into their lives. He is no longer that man. Instead, he exerts his physical dominance in order to appease what he wants. He has that control even though his sister has started her own family. She has the freedom of her own journey. Louis wants to control aspects of it. He can't walk away from her despite their refusal to understand. He has made a new life for himself. One he wants to see as completely healthy. It's anything but that. And yet, he and Lestat are destined to spend decades together. Claudia changed their lives for a number of years. It was enough for her to grow curious about what else she desired in life. She questioned how love could work between Louis and Lestat. It does because of their attraction to one another. That doesn't inherently make it good. It was never like that. Lestat was always domineering. Louis had to fall in love with Lestat before being turned into a vampire. And now, Louis shuts off that connection because of a new dialogue with Claudia. They have that secret connection. They share it as vampires born of the same man. They are also Black in New Orleans. They understand the struggles. They hope to rise above it all. It's dangerous to try. Louis is filled with regrets for letting his emotions get the better of him. That almost resulted in Claudia's death. He saved her. That's what he needed. He understands he needs to be more aware of the consequences of his actions. That's the lesson he passes on to Claudia. And yet, she's just as impetuous as Lestat is. She is thrilled by the hunt. She chases the same high. In fact, her thirst may be even greater due to her age at the time of the transformation. She was still developing as a human. And now, she will forever be a teenager. She will always have people looking at her. It plays into how inappropriate this family can be. They belong together. And yet, they take out their personal drama on other people. As a result, more lives were changed because they couldn't handle who they wanted to be in the world. They try to survive as a family. It's fleeting at best. It can only result in a few good years. After that, Lestat has his way of conducting business and hopes to forge Louis and Claudia in his own image. They yearn for more but may never be able to escape his influence. Something obviously happens that results in Louis sharing this story with Molloy. But the dangers of this life mostly revolve around how insecure Louis was with who he is and what he needed. That's true in a way that extends far beyond his existence as a vampire. That's accurate for others in this story as well. It's simply more acute for him and picked up rather easily by others along the way.