Sunday, October 23, 2022

REVIEW: 'Let the Right One In' - Zeke Reunites With Eleanor While Claire Begins Treating Her Brother in 'Broken Glass'

Showtime's Let the Right One In - Episode 1.03 "Broken Glass"

Upon learning that Naomi is a homicide detective, Mark covers the tracks of his most recent crime. Eleanor discovers that Isaiah is being bullied at school and seeks revenge. Naomi and her partner Ben make a massive discovery in their case, but it comes at a cost. Claire is on the brink of a major breakthrough in her own right.

"Broken Glass" was written by Laura Marks and directed by Seith Mann

After a decade of being a vampire, Eleanor hasn't killed anyone. Instead, that burden has fallen onto her father. Mark refuses to let her compromise herself in that way. He's protective of his little girl. He doesn't want anyone else to make that choice in service of keeping her alive either. It's his burden to bear. He's hardly the only person who cares about her. As such, he puts a plan into motion to keep her safe even if something happens to him. That appears as a distinct possibility at the moment. He just moved next door to a homicide detective. More importantly, he killed her ex-husband and the father of Eleanor's new friend. His instincts kick in to immediately move out of this environment. That's the pattern he has followed throughout the last decade. That's how he and Eleanor survived. She refuses to listen this time. Mark told her they could finally plant some roots. They no longer had to keep running. He wanted that to be true. Reality has sunk in about this new situation. Of course, Naomi living next door isn't the most pressing concern for Mark. He and Zeke are being followed because he pursued a lead about the new drug on the street. He hopes to find answers at the end of this journey. Instead, he will only be greeted by a massive corporation skirting ethical practices in the name of saving one of their own also suffering from vampirism. Those were the decisions Arthur Logan made. However, he is no longer in charge of the company. In fact, he dies in his sleep. Claire and Peter bond as they burn every picture of their father. They no longer want to live in his shadow. They don't want to be beholden to the decisions he made for them. And yet, this organization continues to function according to how he set it up. He never wanted to be around when Peter was hungry. He didn't want to witness this other side of his son. That was a luxury afforded to him. He didn't want to know where Matthew procured the bodies. Matthew is also loyal to the cause. He will do anything to cure Peter. They still remain in the dark. People want to cut themselves off from the harsh realities around them. They need the distractions in order to cope with the despair. Arthur refused to call his son a vampire. That wasn't the disease that has inflicted him. He can still be cured. Everyone holds out for that hope. Claire has an idea for a new way to approach the illness. She doesn't want this to be what her brother has become. His DNA has been altered though. That can't be fixed overnight. The families are devoted to each other. It's just a question of who is willing to bear the obstacles life has thrown at them while preserving the innocence of those they live.

Despite all of this, Eleanor still ends up delighting in inflicting pain onto another person. She has formed a fast friendship with Isaiah. She wants to explore it for as long as possible. This isn't something she has had for a long time. Mark wants to treat her like a kid again. And yet, she has the strength to literally lift him up without realizing it. That's how strongly she feels about what she wants. She still holds so much respect for her father. She listens to what he says. He wants to protect her from the dangers in the world. She also wants to hurt the people bullying Isaiah. She doesn't realizing her true strength. She breaks a kid's finger with ease. She enjoys the blood left behind afterwards. That's what she delights in. It may quickly escalate to more dangerous behavior. People are glad to have her in their lives. Naomi likes that Isaiah finally has a friend. Zeke appreciates getting to see Eleanor again. However, the stakes of this world have to be taken much more seriously. That extends to Naomi's work where she discovers a vampire's lair in the sewer. She and Ben are almost killed as a result. It's one of the most gruesome scenes Naomi has ever seen in her career. Nothing makes sense either. The previous victim sustained their injuries by hand even though that is physically impossible. Meanwhile, the suspect in the sewer is shot multiple times and keeps charging at the police. It was easy to dismiss eyewitness statements of glowing eyes. And yet, Naomi and Ben see it for themselves. It's only a peek into this dangerous world. It showcases how Eleanor and Peter are hardly the only people inflicted with this disease. They simply have the support of their families to prevent them from making the most lethal choices in the name of survival. Their families are so desperate to keep them safe that they are even willing to subject others to pain and suffering just to potentially find a cure. Claire wants to know more about the man served up to her brother. Matthew only says that no one will miss him. As such, it's a privilege to come from a respectable family. People notice when things are out of place and work to protect each other no matter what. Zeke has that same devotion to Mark. He wants to be let in on his pursuits. He obviously still feels the pain of the past. However, he wants to remain connected. Meanwhile, Mark desperately clings onto the pill that serves as his only viable lead. He loses it while trying to move a body. He sees that as the action necessary to keep his family safe. Naomi has far bigger things to worry about. And yet, her family is also left reeling from loss. That awareness is powerful. However, there are so many forces that also exist in the world that take priority. As such, no one has enough time to process what has happened to them. That means the situations only escalate. That remains true after three episodes even as the pacing remains a bit too careful and stilted to immediately excite the viewer over what can potentially happen next.