Sunday, December 11, 2022

REVIEW: 'Let the Right One In' - Trusting the Wrong People Creates Even More Tragic Consequences in 'What's Done in the Dark'

Showtime's Let the Right One In - Episode 1.10 "What's Done in the Dark"

Mark and Eleanor turn to Claire and Peter for help, but soon realize they may have a plan of their own. Meanwhile, Naomi and her new partner, Debra, make strides in their case, and Naomi uncovers a huge secret.

"What's Done in the Dark" was written by Andrew Hinderaker and directed by Chloe Okuno

Naomi promises Isaiah she will be the one person who will never leave him. That promise sets up the inherent tragedy of the final act. It sets the stage for Isaiah to lose yet another person he loves. Naomi wants to comfort her son after his heart is broken. She doesn't understand why Mark and Eleanor want to cut all communication off completely. It makes no sense given how close they've become in such a short amount of time. That's what Mark and Eleanor have to do in order to survive. It's the pattern they've always followed. Naomi is just now starting to suspect their actions. She was concerned upon first meeting her new neighbors. And yet, she saw how much their friendship helped Isaiah. That's what makes it devastating when Naomi learns Mark killed Frank. She can't even react to that news. She simply follows her instincts. She has no clue what she is walking into. She faces horrors like never before. She is almost killed as a result. It's ultimately because of the friendship the families formed that she is saved. Her life will forever be changed. Everyone was excited upon learning the connection Eleanor and Peter share. It takes a beat for them to remember their former interactions. It still lines up as evidence that they were both targeted at home by the same vampire. If they share the same genetic structure, then Claire may develop a cure within a few months. It may not take years anymore. That's an exciting development. Mark was right to never give up hope. But these families can't trust each other. Mark and Eleanor just killed people who work for Claire. That includes Matthew. He devoted his life to protecting the Logan family. He cared about Claire and Peter. Mark pulled the trigger. Eleanor still went on a rampage showcasing her true monstrosity. That's not the future she envisions for herself. She is given a reason to imagine something new. When she was younger, she had all these big plans for the future. She had to limit her ambition as a result of the attack. It changed Mark's life as well. They aren't the only ones in this story to face those drastic and costly choices. Naomi had agency in deciding to join the police academy. That's how she wanted to serve her community. She puts her life on the line every day. As such, it was dangerous when she made that promise to Isaiah. She never knows what's going to happen to her. All it takes is walking into the wrong room for her life to end. Mark is already making plans for what will happen to Eleanor after he turns himself in for the murders he has committed. Zeke is willing to step up. If Naomi is gone, Isaiah will be left with no one. That's incredibly tragic. It's again influenced by so many forces beyond his control. Naomi can't see the big picture until it's too late. And now, she too will have to learn to adapt to the rules of being a vampire.

So much suffering is inflicted onto others. These characters have frequently proven themselves incapable of seeing beyond themselves. They are willing to make sacrifices for a noble cause. Family is at the root of that. Moreover, Mark doesn't want to kill Naomi even though he is given that order. Claire expects him to step into Matthew's role. He will have to provide bodies for Peter to feed on. Mark carries with him every murder he's committed. That weighs heavily on him. Naomi is different. He continually tells Eleanor not to get her hopes up about some picturesque family. They had that once. Eleanor has the photos to remember. That can never be true again. Elizabeth is dead. Mark expects to be imprisoned once this is all over. Zeke will care for Eleanor. That comes with no guarantee. No one knows what the future will hold. It's easy to understand why the season built towards Eleanor receiving the treatment to allow her to age once more. That provides a sensible reason for why the actress can age in between seasons. That had to be on the forefront of everyone's minds. It conveys how manipulative Claire is to get what she wants. She can't mourn Matthew. She has to plot with Peter. They now have the perfect test subject. They simply have to appease Mark and Eleanor. They have to feel safe in this mansion as well. Claire and Peter are accustomed to this environment. It's strange and alienating for the people who have never experienced the world from this perspective. It has never exactly brought Peter peace. However, he had to fall in line because he needs his family for a potential cure. Otherwise, he would be just as desperate as the vampires who roam the sewers looking for their victims. He wants to avoid that fate. That means he has to support torturing Eleanor. Claire is furious that Mark can't fulfill his end of the bargain. He wants to be a good father. However, he can't control everything Eleanor does. He knows to be skeptical of what Claire can offer. Eleanor sees the appeal of being able to grow up. She is still lied to. Peter says that he already received this treatment. He has seen its effects. It has proven to be successful. In reality, Eleanor is constrained so that Claire can continue to observe the effects. Eleanor is more than powerful enough to break free of those restraints. That's especially true with the right motivation - like her father being stabbed and Peter attempting to kill Naomi. Impossible decisions still have to be made. Isaiah has proven he is willing to accept all that life as a vampire entails. The ugly reality will be more present for him now that his mother has been turned. Moreover, her investigative work will be compromised. She is expected to return to the office with a story. Debra and Ben don't expect all the answers right away. They need them at some point. Naomi has proven herself as a capable officer willing to pursue the truth no matter what. That's gotten incredibly more complicated. Eleanor believes she does a good deed. The family lines continue to blur. That doesn't make this life better for any of them. It's simply more torture that agonizes and weighs them down in pursuit of some meaning at the end of all this.