Wednesday, July 19, 2023

REVIEW: 'The Afterparty' - Travis Sees Incriminating Messages in Every Interaction He Has With People in 'Travis'

AppleTV+'s The Afterparty - Episode 2.03 "Travis"

Grace's former boyfriend tells his story like a film noir. He suspected that Edgar was up to no good and was determined to protect his ex.

"Travis" was written by Mike Rosolio and directed by Christopher Miller

Grace is nice but in constant need of protection. That's the opinion that a few people have of her. Zoe doesn't want anything bad to happen to her younger sister. It's her responsibility now to solve Edgar's murder. That's how she can be of service. She may not be allowed in the interview room any longer. However, she gets to investigate the rest of the mansion and interact with the other suspects. Anyone could be the killer. She refuses to believe it was her sister. Grace was completely in the dark about Edgar having a prescription for adderall. It makes no sense and doesn't line up with her drugging his drink. That leads to the next rational explanation. Edgar was poisoned with something else. Zoe initially believes that whomever has the corresponding cufflink to the one found in Edgar's pocket is the true killer. She needs to believe that. Others don't make that accusatory leap with her. That's especially true when Grace notes the item is actually a key from an old typewriter. Grace has that expertise. Meanwhile, Hannah has the actual interest. And so, Hannah enters the narrative more fully as an individual with many unique hobbies. That includes cultivating a garden with several poisonous plants. That proves value in what Zoe is doing. She finds the potential poison that killed Edgar. It lines up with his time of death shortly after Grace took him to bed. She spent most of the night sleeping next to his corpse. It remains a mystery as to who had a motive to kill Edgar. Danner and Aniq question Travis because he threatened Edgar's life shortly before his death. Travis details a story where he too is trying to be Grace's savior. He is always looking for people to cosign on his actions. He is worthy of her. She was sending cryptic clues that only he could decipher. He has such an inflated ego. He sees conspiracies in absolutely everything. That is the only way the world can make sense to him. Everything is a code that must be cracked at some point. It's his responsibility to do so because no one else has the tools to accomplish it. Again, that's just pompous arrogance. He hasn't moved on since his relationship with Grace ended. She invited all of her exes to the wedding mostly as a courtesy. She didn't expect any of them to show up. That was the intended message delivered in between the lines of the invitation. Travis didn't receive that message. Instead, he decoded a warning about a tech scam. Grace was afraid for her life and needed Travis to expose Edgar's criminal actions. That's the one potential thing of value he delivers to the investigation. Edgar was inflating the worth of his cryptocurrency. That's a crime. That presents plenty of motivation for anyone who figured it out.

Furthermore, Travis reveals that Hannah also wanted to stop the wedding from happening. She still ultimately performed the ceremony. Grace and Edgar got married. Travis sees it as a constant line of betrayal. He was smitten with Hannah. He could never trust anything she said or did. She was playing him. That makes it difficult to get a good read on her as a character. The appropriate context will come when she sits down with Danner and Aniq. That is coming up next. She is the next suspect everyone has honed in on. It may be as simple as her having concerns about the marriage. That may not rise to the level of wanting to kill. Grace asks her sister how Danner solved Xavier's murder. Zoe explains it was all about noticing the discrepancies between each person's stories and understanding who had the most potent motive. She put all the clues together in a way the other guests and even the police couldn't. She had a limited timeframe to get the job done. She pulled it off. That is now her cling to fame. She no longer has to work as a detective. She's still clearly operating at her best when it comes to solving these mysteries. Actually writing down the story doesn't seem like a priority for her. Instead, she's invested in the many ways people view the world. Travis' interpretation of events is so strikingly different than Aniq and Grace's. In his mind, he has an entire confrontation with Edgar where he threatens him and exposes his plan to fake his death. Everyone else only recalled the death threat. That was the only thing that mattered. That sticks out in their minds more than everything else that may have happened in that conversation. Again, no one really understands Edgar's business. That makes it relatively easy for him to fool a lot of people. Travis may be completely guessing when it comes to the morse code message and questioning innocent interactions he has with everyone. He still believes in the noble goal of his ambitions. Grace never asked him to do any of this. She found peace and happiness within what her relationship with Edgar was. And now, she's devastated by his murder. That remains a constant throughout this story. She is heartbroken. She leans on Zoe for support. The sisters still clash because of what was said leading up to the ceremony. Meanwhile, others in the family are conspicuously absent. Hannah makes it back to her yurt. She needs to answer some pretty damning questions. But it's also unlikely that she carries responsibility for the murder. It's just too early in the season for that grand reveal. Yes, it's ominous watching her practice her archery. That provides her with another deadly skill. That's meant to be incriminating as a final tease. The story is never as it initially presents though. Instead, it's more curious why someone was running down the hallway as Travis was waking up to Zoe's screams over finding Edgar's body. That's a detail that requires a more fulfilling answer even if it's just a subtle acknowledgement of more happening at this point.