Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Casting News - Paul Giamatti to Play Villain on 'Star Trek: Starfleet Academy'; Plus 3 More Updates!

Casting News - June 11, 2024

Amazon's El Gato; AppleTV+'s Shrinking; Paramount+'s Star Trek: Starfleet Academy; and Peacock's Mr. Throwback.

  • Paul Giamatti has joined the cast of the upcoming drama starring Holly Hunter. He has received two Academy Award nominations for his performances in Cinderella Man and The Holdovers. He has also earned four Emmy Award nominations - winning in 2008 for his lead role in HBO's John Adams. And finally, he starred for seven seasons in Showtime's Billions.
  • He will play the Season 1 villain, a man with an ominous past connected to one of our cadets.
  • Sarah Jones and Adriana Barraza will co-star on the upcoming drama starring Diego Boneta. Jones previously starred for two seasons in AppleTV+'s For All Mankind and in the Netflix limited series A Man in Full. Barraza received an Academy Award nomination in 2006 for her performance in Babel.
  • Jones will play Ashley, a CIA field agent working as Frank's (Boneta) handler. She is good at reading people. She's a fast-talking cynic with something to prove. She believes the family agricultural business at the center of the series is a front for a criminal enterprise. As she develops Frank as a CIA asset, Ash will find herself dangerously drawn to him. She is well-trained, physically capable, and seemingly born for this. But it's a deadly game she's playing, and if she wants to survive this, she'll need to watch her back.
  • Barraza will play Alma. In the 1970s, she discovered her husband was living a double life: moonlighting as the costumed vigilante, El Gato Negro. She worked side by side with him for years, providing operational support for his missions. She is careful with her words, and vault-like in the keeping of secrets. Alma thought her old life was behind her, but now widowed, she finds herself pulled back into a world of masks. She will form an unlikely partnership with Frank - her husband's bastard son. It will test the openness of her heart. This is Alma, back in the saddle for one last ride.
  • Ashley Nicole Black will serve as a writer and recurring guest star on the comedy's upcoming second season. She previously starred for three seasons in HBO's A Black Lady Sketch Show. She also won an Emmy Award for her work on the writing team behind TBS' Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.
  • No details were immediately announced about the character she will be playing.
  • Ayden Mayeri has been cast as a series regular on the upcoming comedy starring Steph Curry and Adam Pally. She previously starred in Showtime's one-season comedy I Love That for You and recurred on AppleTV+'s The Afterparty.
  • She will play Samantha, Danny's (Pally) ex-wife.