Monday, October 26, 2015

Development News - TBS Orders Comedy Pilot from Writers Matt Fogel and Todd Strauss-Schulson

Development News - October 26, 2015

TBS' Untitled Matt Fogel & Todd Strauss-Schulson Project.

  • TBS has quietly order a pilot and cast the lead roles for an untitled comedy pilot from writer Matt Fogel and writer-director Todd Strauss-Schulson. Adam Shapiro, Jack Carpenter and Shenaz Treasury will play the lead roles in the project from Legendary Television and Ben Stiller's Red Hour Entertainment. As a new generation of women becomes more independent and assertive, their male counterparts are becoming more self-aware and sensitive. This is a show about two of those men - Todd (Shapiro) and Fogel (Carpenter) are the kind of guys who talk about their feelings, frequent therapy sessions and dabble with mobile phone meditation apps. Todd is the more confident and aggressive of the two friends while Fogel is the smarter and more sensitive. They are searching Los Angeles for love, a good "SuperSoul Sunday" viewing party and way to get off the Raya waiting list. Treasury will play Hillary, the wife of Todd and Fogel's buddy from college.