Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Development News - Colin Woodell, Erinn Westbrook, Ginny Gardner & David Corenswet to Star in USA's 'The Tap'

Development News - August 31, 2016

USA's The Tap.

  • Colin Woodell, Erinn Westbrook, Ginny Gardner and David Corenswet have been cast in the lead roles on the drama pilot written by Andrew Lenchewski and Aaron Tracy. Additionally, Simon Cellan Jones has joined the pilot as director. Woodell will play Jay Butler, an ambitious and highly intelligent student look to secure his future by joining Skull and Bones. Although he doesn't have the pedigree of his classmates, he will do whatever it takes to escape his past. Westbrook will play Gloria Murphy, one of Yale's first female students and one of the few black students in her class. She was raised in the impoverished city of New Haven. If she had it her way, she'd skip undergrad and go straight to law school so she could fight to change the system from within. Gardner will play Michelle Cuttriss, another member of Yale's inaugural female class. Disgusted and unnerved by the distressing reception she receives on campus, she decides to let everyone know just how unprepared Yale is for her. Corenswet will play Kirk Lewis, a blue-blooded Skull and Bones legacy whose transformation from WASP prince to hippie warrior will raise more than a few eyebrows back home.